Table Runner Gift

I’m back after a long hiatus and realizing that there are several quilts that never made it to the blog. Even though I know my spring won’t be super productive on the quilting front, this discovery of the missing quilts is a welcome one because I can at least bring the blog back to life while I’m inching along on the productivity front. I’ve also let myself start to ease back into the quilting community by catching up on some quilting blogs while I eat lunch. It beats reading emails. I have blogged minimally about non-quilty things over at Yet What Will Be… if you want to catch up there.

Ok, back to the quilting. I did finish up a project while on Christmas break. My department got a full-time administrative assistant this summer, and she is a-maz-ing. She has learned the ropes so fast, but she’s done so much more than that. She organized our first ever department Christmas party, keeps things rolling behind the scenes (and often in front of them), and quite frankly is spoiling me. Today, I walked into my office to find cookies on my desk with a Bible verse. What more can a girl ask for on a rainy Monday morning?  I still remember when I had to go to work after my miscarriage, she was quick to scoot into my office with just the right touch of compassion to make sure that I was genuinely ready to be back to work.

I wanted to get her something for Christmas to show my appreciation for everything she does, but I couldn’t find anything appropriate to celebrate her warm hospitality. As I was reaching my shopping limit, I remembered that I had a table runner flimsy at home, and I decided to get it quilted up for her. Giving her something that she can use as she entertains others seemed fitting.

On the technical side, I’m out of practice and made the stupid mistake of quilting in from the sides, which created a ridiculous wrinkle that was covered a bit by the cotton batting shrinkage and the graciousness of the recipient. I also learned that while our new kitchen light is useful under most circumstances, it’s not so great for quilting pictures.

On the gifting side, I was glad I took the time to finish this up to gift and to show my appreciation in small measure.