Caddy Shack – Too Adorable

Caddy Shack PanoramicMark and I are on a mission — to try all of the miniature golf courses in Lancaster (or at least all of the ones that we find BOGO coupons for). Yesterday, we had one of those idyllic pre-kid Saturdays that all young married couples should enjoy. We lounged around as I devoured 70ish pages of a book while Mark played on his tablet. Then I took a nap curled up next to Mark. Then we got ready for date night. I flipped open our trusty Entertainment book, the source of our BOGO adventures, and decided we should go to Caddy Shack. You will want to go there. Seriously, visit Caddy Shack. It is the nicest miniature golf course that I’ve been to. Ever. The picture above is a panoramic view of the course. Have you ever seen so much grass while playing mini-golf?

Caddy Shack – 662 South Oak St. Manheim, PA 17545
Price – $8 per adult golfer and $6 per child golfer

We braved the rain to go, which worked out well for us because we saw only one other group of golfers. That left plenty of time for our picture-taking shenanigans. The only downside to being alone is that it means other people seem to not be very aware of this course, which is a shame for the rest of the people in the world – or at least those wanting to mini-golf in Lancaster, PA. Judging from the feedback on Yelp, the course had gotten pretty bad, but new owners took over in late fall of 2014 and resurfaced all of the greens last year. The owner was the one who greeted us, and I could tell he really takes care of the place. We rolled in right after a mini-storm, and he said he had been planning to take a leaf blower to the greens to clean up loose leaves. Even with the storm, there weren’t many leaves, so I have a feeling that’s a routine for him.

So, why do I love this place? It’s so adorable! As we pulled into the drive, I felt like we were pulling up at a summer camp. Cute yellow buildings with a lovely wood patio for dining out greeted us. And, even though we heard some road noise, it wasn’t nearly the highway type of noise that we’ve heard on some of the other courses. In fact, we felt like we were on a nature walk between holes. Don’t get me wrong, the paths are very well-maintained, but walking more than three steps to get to the next hole made our adventure more leisurely. If other people had been on the course, we still wouldn’t have felt as rushed as we sometimes do because the holes are nicely spread out. The picture below was taken as we finished up the first hole. Caddy Shack pathWe encountered two families of ducks…. and two bunnies, a chipmunk, a squirrel, and a little disgruntled band of three bachelor ducks who waddled away from the gazebo hole as we approached. I wish we had seen the duck food dispenser on our way into the course. Maybe we could have made some friends on our adventure.

Caddy Shack ducksSee that water wheel in the background? It’s an honest to goodness, moving obstacle on the course. So sorry that the video below is sideways; I didn’t know that Mark’s camera can only take video in one direction.

Did you hear my “yay”? We shot that video quite a few times. I miraculously got through the water wheel on the first shot. I won’t say how many times Mark had to attempt it to make the shot. Maybe the video shenanigans were distracting him…yeah, that’s it.

The water wheel wasn’t the only challenging hole. They were all challenging but not frustrating. See the one below. Shooting the ball into one “shortcut” PVC pipe allowed it to come out in one of two spots, with one of the spots very close to the hole. Where the ball went was the luck of the draw, and I liked that element of chance, maybe because it gave me a few opportunities to level the playing field with my husband, who is decidedly the better golfer.

Caddy Shack Pipe trick


Caddy Shack cliff

My favorite course challenge was the hole where there was a little ramp shot over some water. Just see Mark’s first attempt below:

I will watch that little gem whenever I need to be cheered up. Seriously, I did just watch it again.

At the end of the day, Mark beat me, but I maintained my goal of sticking within 10 strokes. If I can do that, then I feel like we’re having a good day. Caddy Shack score cardAfter the game, we just intended on having ice cream, but we were hungry, and the restaurant menu looked good, so we decided to have dinner too. The corn nuggets! I will eat them every time I go there. I might even choose them over ice cream if I was only going to get one thing to eat, but let’s hope it never comes to that.

So, as we go on our little adventures, I want to give you the low-down on the golf courses.

Should you go to this one? Yes!

How would really little tykes do here? I wouldn’t recommend this course for the little, littles. There are some steps, so stroller navigation wouldn’t be easy, and the holes are too challenging for them. However, older kids would enjoy the challenge, I think. And, if you have little ones, get a sitter and make it a date night. You have enough space between holes to hold hands and enjoy each other.

Uniquenesses: As noted, the setting of this course was way more lavish than any other course I’ve ever been to. And, the restaurant on site is a nice feature too. I know many courses have ice cream and maybe a little something to eat, but the menu here offered quite a few options, and if you’re with a group of friends, you don’t have to squish onto some outdoor picnic tables to eat. Tables both indoors and out make this a great place to meet up as a group to golf.