Finally landed…

I’ve been MIA from the bloglands for awhile because this summer I’ve been busy living life. A few times I thought about how it might be nice to post about the adventures, but that just took too much time away from the adventures (and the sleeping that I occasionally had to do to survive).

One of the biggest time consumers this summer was moving. Getting all of my worldly possessions from one place to the next took quite a bit of time.  And, I was geared up post an after the move update a couple weeks ago; however, I got to chat with an old friend after her baby was in bed and her house was quiet. You don’t give up those moments for blog updates. So, here are the progress pictures from a few weeks ago. Some stuff has changed since then, but I’ll catch those updates later.

dining room emptyHere’s the before photo looking into the dining room. That door now has navy and white curtains that Mark hung up for me. It’s nice to have a tall guy around. I’d like to give Pinterest a shout out for saving me hours of shopping time by hooking me up with curtains that I loved at Lowe’s that were barely more (and possibly no more) than it would have cost  me to make them myself. In the old house, Deogi had to stand on his back legs to see out of any windows; now he loves that he can just walk up to the door and see outside. His nose prints all over the door prove it.


living room emptyAnd, here’s the before shot looking into the living room. I’m so grateful I found a place that still has hardwood floors in the living area. There’s my dad on the side of the photo. How awesome is it that while I was settling some last minute settlement details, my parents cleaned the whole house to prep it for moving in? It’s also cool that the previous owners left the place sparkling to begin with. I was so glad my parents were available for the afternoon after the absolute chaos of loading the truck and leaving leaving the old place the day before. I walked 8.5 miles on moving day according to my Fitbit, and if my mom hadn’t stayed to the bitter end to help me with cleaning, I might still be there cleaning.

kitchen unfurnishedHere’s looking to the kitchen. The evening of the move my community group from church and a few other friends came over in one of the worst thunderstorms of the year. They unpacked what my parents, Mark, and I hadn’t gotten off the truck yet, started washing my dishes, put beds together, and hung shower curtains. Most amazing moving team. Ever.

kitchen in progressHere’s the kitchen in progress. A rooster that I got as a gift from my grandma keeps watch, and the fridge was stage 1 of switching over to stainless steel appliances. Right now the dishwasher is sitting in the garage and the new one is coming on Thursday. I’m so excited; I scared Mark a little when I opened the floor model in Lowes and said, “I could make out with this dishwasher right now.” I’m not the only one who has ever had a crush on an appliance, am I? I also put an entry table in the foyer. It either needs to be painted or replace with a slightly narrower model if I can snag one on the cheap, but I do like how it defines a foyer.

paint samples in kitchenAnd, here are the paint chips that were auditioning in the kitchen for awhile. Ultimately, I’d like the countertops to be darker to contrast more with the cabinets, so I’m holding off on painting until I switch the counters. I’m thinking I’m going to be brave and try the DIY concrete countertops that I’ve seen on blogs lately. Has anyone done that? Once that’s done, Mark almost has me talked out of orange for the goldenrod chip on the top left. The blues didn’t make the cut for the kitchen, but the blue in the bottom right corner got to be the new laundry closet color.

living room furnishesAnd, here is the living room. Eventually in phase two, the finished basement will be the TV room, and this space will just be a sitting room with couches, but for now, the space is working out just fine.

paint samples in guest bedroomThere are two bedrooms upstairs that need to be painted. It’s somewhat amusing that one is bright pink and one is bright purple, which are the two colors my sister and I chose for our childhood bedrooms. I tried peeling that wallpaper off with my nail, and that didn’t work out so well, so I’m really hoping some water and vinegar will take it right off. None of the three paint samples won, but I’m not too worried as I have a few leads on a truer gray. I’ll be excited when this room looks more like a proper guest room instead of a catch all space.

sewing room washer and dryerA moderately disastrous washing machine related event meant my washer and dryer landed in what is supposed to be my sewing room for a couple weeks. The details of that mess are still being sorted out with the insurance company, but at least the washer and dryer have been hooked up again (new laundry closet pictures later), and I can move around in my sewing room again.

game shelfAnd, though I’m mostly leaving the basement unfurnished right now, I did want to get the board games unpacked but needed some new shelves to do so. Of course, when I saw a Craigslist ad that said mid-century modern, I had to click on it. I snagged this shelf for $80. It’s not my best furniture steal ever, but I am really happy with it for game storage, and it’s a solid piece of furniture. You should have heard me gasping for air after Mark and I got it down the stairs into the basement.

4 thoughts on “Finally landed…

  1. Oh congratulations on navigating a move! It takes a lot of energy! It sounds like your parents and friends were amazing helpers. I love, love, love the hardwood floors in your living space. In terms of color in the kitchen… I’ve read that blue in an eating area makes you want to eat less and that green helps promote eating healthier subliminally. Who knows if that is really true or not, though!

  2. As much as I hate the moving process, I love the whole “new space” thing with all the possibilities and chances to set it up! I’ve been in my own house for about 18 months now and we’re still unpacking and finishing off rooms lol. I’ve seen the concrete countertops on Young House Love and it’s something I really want to do in my kitchen as well since I can’t afford a ref-fit! I’m hoping that covering the counters in cement, it will cover some of the hack-job marks that they look like now (we think at some point a previous owner cut down the kitchen and rebuilt it in a different layout). It’s not a huge priority to figure out at the moment though since I want to start slowly getting the rooms properly unpacked and up to date first!

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