My fabric world…in boxes


fabric before being packedIt’s about time I stopped in to show you what’s happening in my fabric world, which is actually nothing productive. My sewing space was all clean and organized while the house was being shown, and after the house sold in 5 days, I kept it nice and neat through the home inspections. Now it’s packing time, and the sewing room is a wreck!

I pulled this fabric out of the closet, and are you ready for a sad sight?

fabric after packingNow my fabric is in a box.

So. sad.

I am holding out fabric for two projects in hopes of getting packed up soon and being able to squeeze in just a little sewing before I move. Of course, finding a surface to sew on could start to get tricky. I’m about to find a new home for the desk in the sewing room where I set my machine, and since the dining room has become the place where I put all the packed boxes, the dining room table legs are coming off this weekend, and the table top is probably going to get tucked behind the love seat.

under contract signBut, chin up, it was pretty exciting to see this sign out front when I met the home inspector a couple weeks ago to check the new place over. And, I think I’m feeling settled on a DIY murphy bed plan for the new guest bedroom/sewing room. Mark said he’d help me build it, so other than cutting a few shelves for the top of a closet in this house, removing an old rickety door and doing some yard work, the murphy bed will be our first project that we tackle together. Watch out world. I even had my dad supervise me using a circular saw the last time he was here to get me warmed up for the task.

So, that’s pretty much life around here. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to find a nice routine this summer. There will be no fulfilling my goal of trying out one sewing tutorial a week, no coffee on the back deck every morning, but these changes are exciting and the weekends have been filled with falling more and more in love with Mark as we spend the days at family weddings and amusement parks and football games. And, I’ll get back to the sewing machine — maybe even before the move because I have two projects that I want to complete for other people. But, even sans routine and with the exception of the slight heart palpitations due to all these half filled boxes strewn about me, I can’t complain. I’ll try to drop in here a few more times between now and July 23rd. Moving day!




5 thoughts on “My fabric world…in boxes

  1. Sad and exciting all at once. Good luck with the big move! Looking forward to seeing all your sewing progress when everything calms down. 🙂 I moved twice in the last two years so I know the feeling!

  2. Thanks for the update – I’ve missed seeing posts from you! Totally exciting time and understandable that sewing isn’t going to be the number one priority. 🙂

  3. I think you may find your NEW routine. Maybe you will spend one day a week at a coffee shop looking at design inspiration for your fabric.(Magazines? Pinterest?) I have to admit, coffee every morning on the back deck is pretty hard to beat.

  4. That is so sad no fabric views and sewing machine, but how exciting for new adventures! I can’t wait to see this murphy bed completed. What a great idea for a sewing room! Good luck with the move 🙂

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