First Paper Piecing Attempt


Wait. Let’s try that again.


Here’s a picture of my first paper piecing attempt. Uh…it’s supposed to be an asterisk. Clearly, it does not look like an asterisk. I think it looks more like an abstract take on a stick figure. I made this attempt during a class that I took while I was at the Mid-Atlantic MOD quilting retreat at the beginning of April. Even though the piece itself totally didn’t work out, I’m still not disappointed. First, stick figures are cool. When you are a person of my artistic caliber (which is to say you can’t draw a straight line to save your life), then stick figures are the norm and you grow to have a fondness for them. Second, I know why this didn’t come together correctly. I failed to leave a 1/4 seam on my paper pieced sections, so when I joined the sections together, I lost the points that would have made the asterisk. In that sense, I learned from the class. I learned not to forget that 1/4 seam again. Third, I don’t learn very well just by seeing pictures in a book, and sometimes I even struggle to learn a totally new skill via blog tutorial or Youtube; I just need a live person looking over my shoulder who can answer questions in real time. So, even if I fell a little short on my first attempt, I feel far less intimidated to try again. As a matter of fact, I’m gathering my thoughts about my next project, and there is a very real possibility it might involve paper piecing. I’m just going to incorporate a few blocks so I don’t get overwhelmed, but yeah, I’m certainly not adverse to giving it another go.

So, if you have any paper piecing tips — things to do and things not to do — give me a shout out in the comments.

My sewing machine has been woefully quiet. The realtor is coming next Wednesday to list the house, so I spent today in my quilting space trying to corral all the fabrics and WIPs into some semblance of order. Yes, I see your heads nodding. Most of you know how quickly things can fall apart in a sewing room and how time consuming it is to put things back together. Wish me luck! I’ve still got work to do. Today’s task was emptying out these cabinets because I Craigslisted them and someone should drop by tomorrow to pick them up.

DSC_0514Whew! I have one more to lug down two flights of stairs and into the garage. I try to keep Craigslisters outside when possible for safety’s sake, but it sure has been handy to sell a few things. Yay for building a moving truck fund!

And, finally, I, of course, unearthed some finished projects that are listed in my Etsy shop. I’ve rather sell them than move them, so I have a little sale going on. Use coupon code moveit5 to save $5 off any purchase of $15 or more and use coupon code moveit10 to save $10 off any purchase of $45 or more.

6 thoughts on “First Paper Piecing Attempt

  1. Thanks for posting about your learning process with paper piecing, and I love your upbeat attitude! I’m pretty new to paper piecing myself, and I find that when I start a new pattern I scratch my head for about 30 minutes wondering how to start. And I have definitely not trimmed my pieces and over trimmed them in the past, too.

  2. Thanks for keeping it real!! I love posts that show the mishaps of quilting and not always perfect. Your stick figure rocks 🙂 Although I have no words of wisdom for paper piecing, it’s not my favorite.

  3. I agree with Patch the Giraffe. I like that you posted about your problems, and your oops. Who hasn’t made oops?
    Can’t say that paper piecing would be my choice either. But it does give nice crisp points. IF you don’t cut off the seam allowance.

  4. I wonder if paper piecing is a love-hate relationship. Your post here was so well-written–I know we can all relate! Thank you for sharing and good luck with the move!

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