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Technically, this is Monday stash since I got this all typed up last night and then my internet went down. Plus, I was busy yesterday afternoon at the driving range proving to Mark that I am indeed very, very bad at golf. I told him that I was very bad at bowling and went on to set what I think was a lifetime best score in the first game I played with him. Then, I told him that I was very bad a corn hole, and we went on to beat several members of his family in a friendly little backyard competition. So, I suspect he figured I could drive a golf ball. But, nope, there was no redemption at golf. I’m really bad at it — like land 10 feet in front of me sometimes bad. 10,000  thank yous to anyone who posts a nice link to a Youtube golf tutorial in the comments….

Anyway, this Sunday stash is fitting since all of the fabrics today came from my mom and Mother’s Day just ended. Even though my sister and I are both moved out of the house, my mom is still constantly on the lookout to buy us little presents. Sometimes it’s something small like a pineapple corer or a microwave s’mores maker (even more awesome than it sounds). This time, just look at what she got!

teal fabric 3She told me that she had bought a spring gift for me, and I opened the gift bag to find fabric! Teal and aqua fabric galore.

teal fabric 1Her gift was super special because I’ve practically made her allergic to Joann fabrics by dragging her in there one too many times on a fabric hunt. But, she went in and even had to go to the cutting counter to buy the fabrics. Yep, my mom is awesome and so, so thoughtful. Her gifts are some of the best I receive because she knows me so well.

teal fabric 2Yes, there was even more. A few of these are fat quarters, but a bunch of the fabrics are half yard cuts. Way to go, mom! Perfect sizes for so many projects.

teal elephantsLook at these elephants that she couldn’t resist. So adorable. I need to find the perfect project to showcase these.

And, my mom didn’t plan for this, but these fabrics are just perfect for the bee blocks that I showed off a few months ago. I decided life was too crazy to join the bee for another round, so I have to make 11 more blocks on my own — meaning I need a combined 66 different teal, yellow, and gray fabrics if I don’t want any repeats. Mom’s gift is going to definitely help in that quest. Plus, she also slipped in a gift card, so I can also pick up more fabrics as needed.

scrappy trip block received 3 - round 3Here’s one of the bee blocks I received. See how fantastic the new fabrics are going to fit in?

Thanks, mom!

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  1. Go Mom! I love those prints she picked out. That little elephant one is just awesome, I used it for a project and can’t bring myself to use the scraps! I just want to keep it forever. Can’t wait to see what you make with all your new goods!

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