Beach trip

I’m still here. I knew it was going to be a busy April with little time to sew once the quilt retreat was over, and now I’ve pretty much resigned myself to no sewing until May when the semester ends. That’s pretty sad news, especially since sewing is a stress reliever and this month has had enough stress to send me home from work crying on at least one occasion. But there have been plenty of good times mixed in as well. The weekend before Easter, most of my mom’s side of the family gathered in South Carolina to celebrate the wedding of one of my cousins.

SONY DSCI didn’t know about the wedding reception at the beginning of the semester, so it was a bit hectic to put the quilt retreat and the wedding back to back, but I was glad to make it since this was a chance for us to connect as a family. Long time blog readers might remember me talking about the quilt that I delivered to my grandma right before her third round of chemotherapy a little over a year ago. When she was diagnosed in early 2013 with stage 4 cancer, the doctors said to expect at the most another year with her. So, this picture of her walking down the beach with two of my uncles is so special. We’re all thanking God that she is still with us.

SONY DSCI love this picture of her dancing with one of my uncles with the mother and father of the bride looking on.

SONY DSCHere she is flanked by her grandkids who could make the trip.

SONY DSCAnd, here grandma is with her kids. Don’t you love how our family still hasn’t figured out how to just have one photographer at a time so everyone knows where to look? Oh well, it’s my family, and they are crazy, but I love them.

SONY DSCMark gets the brave boyfriend award because he was willing to drive one way to South Carolina with my dad and me and then to make the return trip with both of my parents and me. Yes, 8 hours in the car with my family. He’s a trooper! It was nice that my parents got a chance to get to know Mark better over the weekend. My uncles got to test his mettle on the basketball court, and he and I got to steal away for a nice long walk on the beach one morning. Shout out to my sweet parents who covered accommodations arrangements and spoiled us rotten with breakfast smoothies in the mornings.

SONY DSCHere’s me laughing hysterically with my mom and dad when some other members in our family tried to shove my cousin Brazil into our family picture since she has looks similar to my sister who couldn’t make it to the wedding. Woot! Shout out on your new job, sis. We did miss you!


And, here’s everyone on the dance floor looking to me for guidance on the electric slide. Let’s be clear that if I’m the one on the floor most qualified to lead a dance, we are ALL in trouble. I bet that DJ is still recovering from the fact that he had to play the chicken dance and the hokey pokey to get the family up and moving. What can I say, we’re a family that needs choreographed moves. Don’t judge.

So, it’s most likely going to be 7 more days before sewing pictures show up here again. The weeks are crazy, but don’t send me any cheese for my whine. Mark and I got to split Easter weekend between my family and his and had a delightful time with both. And, maybe I can snag some good aquarium pictures when Mark and I visit the aquarium this weekend. 7 more class days of the semester to go!