Triangle rows – done!

My triangle rows are pieced! I took time to take classes at the retreat and worked a little bit on making some more of the half-square triangles, so I can eventually get to my Geometric Slide quilt that right now only exists in fabric cuttings and this one block.

geometric slide with background


But, my main focus was the triangles. I have all 12 rows pieced; they are just stacked on top of each other, and I didn’t have sufficient motivation or energy to unpin the labels from each row to spread them all out. I think just seeing six rows is exciting enough!

The rows underneath are mostly mirror images of the rows on top of them except for where I started to improvise on rows 11 and 12 as I ran out of triangles in certain fabrics and except for where I would mess up and accidentally flip a pair of triangles the wrong way.

The quilt along calls for equilateral triangles, but there was a bit of an accident. My ruler isn’t a 60 degree ruler, but I didn’t know that until I had cut 200 + triangles. Chalk one up for the non-math major 🙂  But, thankfully I made this discovery at the retreat, so other quilters quickly helped establish that I had used the wrong ruler and wasn’t crazy for not being able to follow Paula’s directions exactly. I pieced one row perfectly, stubbornly sewed through the next even though I knew I was losing all my points, picked that whole row apart when I came to my senses and evaluated what was happening, and then figured out again how to line the triangles up to preserve the points. After that,  I was back on track and don’t mind one bit that the triangles are not precisely equilateral.

I’m linking  to Paula’s triangle quilt along. Can we talk about it for a minute? One reason I love quilt alongs is because they showcase what is, for me at least, one of the truly magical dynamics of quilting. The fact that the 45 people currently linked up can all be working the same pattern but all have unique color palettes is so amazing to me.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, I noticed some quilters are even creating secondary designs in their triangle quilts. If you want some serious eye candy, pop over to check out the quilts at Marci Girl Designs and Moose Bay Muses. Mind blown! I’m serious. It’s two clicks. Go see the quilts now. Thank me later 🙂

The Sassy Quilter
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7 thoughts on “Triangle rows – done!

  1. Looks fabulous! I am loving seeing these come together and you are so right, the creativity within the same project is just too cool! Glad your are all together and you had some back up:)

  2. Great colors! I am impressed with your determination even though you made a “design choice” very early on with your cutting difference. I would have been tempted to totally invent a new quilt. But look at you!!!Look at your wonderful rows!!!! This will be a fun one to quilt.

  3. Your rows looks amazing! I did click through to the other blogs 😉 Love what they have done. I played around (in my head) with doing some hexagons but in the end I think I like the simplicity of straight triangles with my color scheme.

  4. Aww…thanks for mentioning my quilt, super sweet of you! Well even though yours aren’t a perfect 60 degrees, it doesn’t matter, you will get the same effect and it looks great!!!

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