Retreat Classes

I’m checking in from the retreat with the fabrics that I’m using in my classes. I’m halfway through the 4 classes that I plan to take over the weekend. The fabrics above are for the basic piecing class that I’ll take tomorrow. I know how to make HST and flying geese blocks, but flying geese are still my enemy, so I’m hoping that this class might make them fly a little straighter.

MOD paper piecing fabricHere are the fabrics for my paper piecing class. They might not seem exciting, but this is my first EVER attempt at paper piecing, so mark down the time. In 30 minutes, the class will start and my quilting toolbox will expand.

MOD curved piecingHere’s a blurry picture of my curved piecing fabrics. I’m thinking of adding some green but didn’t have the right solid in my stash. I took this class this morning. Mind BLOWN! Curved piecing is so. much. fun. Now I know how to break up projects that require a lot of precise piecing.

And, the first six rows of my triangle quilt are laid out. There was a minor crisis when I discovered that my triangles were not equilateral, but a kind quilter here got me on track. I’m NOT recutting 200+ triangles, so I think the new plan will work just great.

Tomorrow if I don’t flop over incapable of doing anything, I’ll post the goodies from the retreat swag bag and the giveaway that I won.

Gotta get ready for class!



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  1. Wonderful! Congrats on the giveaway. Can’t wait to see what you got. I have a busy day ahead as I work on some challenges. I will be wondering about your non-equilateral triangles. I am wondering if that is the difference between a QUARTER square triangle and all the other kinds?

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