Triangles Cut

My triangles are ready. I rolled into the quilt retreat about an hour later than I wanted to, but I’m still making good progress. I dove into my triangles for about an hour last night to avoid dragging my 3 yard cuts of fabric to the retreat, but I’ve spent the afternoon knocking out the cutting of these triangles; I have 242 instead of the required 204, so I might take the lightest gray up in the left corner of the picture out of the mix. I feel iffy about it.

black and white trianglesHere’s the black and white text picture to make sure nothing is sticking out like a sore thumb. I don’t think I like the light gray here either. But, no worries. I’ll still have triangles galore. I’m looking forward to getting started with piecing them tomorrow. Well, I think I’m exciting. I’m looking at those bias edges, but I have starch. This will work. I’m so optimistic that I’m already thinking the leftover triangles might be great candidates for some throw pillows for the room.

This triangle quilt is also going to be my April Lovely Year of Finishes goal. I want to keep up with this quilt along, so even though it’s going to probably be tough to try to squeeze in the quilting, I’m going to make the goal getting it quilted and bound by the end of April.

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4 thoughts on “Triangles Cut

  1. Love the palette you chose for your triangles, Jessica! These are going to be one gorgeous quilt (and possible pillows!). Glad to hear that someone at the retreat helped you to realize that your triangles not being equilateral will still work out. I had a little panic attack like that when I cut my first hexagon quilt and ended up with oblongagons!

  2. Such bright and bold colors,I love them! These are going to make a wonderful quilt,and pillows too. Good luck on a finish.

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