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I totally failed to post about all my adventures at the Lancaster AQS show right after they happened, so I figured tonight was a good night to catch up on that and to share some eye candy. The AQS show was only the second quilt show that I’ve ever attended, and it was funny how differently I approached this one. Last year, I was in awe of the projects; it was a good thing that the organizers set the ropes to keep me pretty far from the quilts, or I might have drooled on them. This year, I was still amazed by what people accomplished, but as I look at my pictures I have on my camera, I realize that I took some of them for personal inspiration; rather than saying, “I could never do that” and simply gawking, I found myself saying, “Hm…I’d like to attempt a simplified version of this or that.”

So, without further ado, I’ll share some pictures. The first one I actually went to Tim Latimer’s blog and pulled from his post about his “321 Quilt” because I must have shook my camera and only got a blurry picture of the quilt when it was hanging at the quilt show.

Photo Credit: Tim Latimer – 321 Quilt –

This is a hand-stitched, whole cloth quilt. I’ve admired white on white quilts for awhile, but I like this colored thread/cream fabric combination as something different. I did get to snag a close up that shows how cool the hand stitching looks.

321 Quilt - Tim Latimer

Between seeing this and seeing the baby quilt that Sherry over at Young House Love stitched up, I want to try a mini (simplified) project with this hand quilting. In April, I’ll be driving back from South Carolina with my parents and Mark after a family wedding, so I want to get a top for a table runner marked up and sandwiched to give myself something to do on the long drive. Tim Latimer posted a series of in-process posts for the 321 quilt, and I was excited to find them tonight. Have I ever said how much I love the gracious quilting community? Probably, but it’s worth saying again. 

SLeighin down memory lane - Anne ZickHere’s “Sleighin’ Down Memory Lane” by Anne Zick.

Sleighin Anne Zick close-up

And, here’s a close up. This quilt has more of a traditional, country feel than what I make and I’d never in the foreseeable future make that many flying geese blocks since they are one of my personal least favorite quilty things to make, which is a shame because so many cool quilts use them. However, I think the embroidered (?) scenes are fun. I like red work quilts, and this feels like a take on them. And, if I found the right scene and brainstormed a bit to figure out a more contemporary setting for it, I think this could be fun project. I like the idea of having something to work on while my Monday night dinner girls are knitting and I’m looking on jealously wishing I could be doing something. At the same time, I like that I could still mostly machine piece the top from there.

With my luck Jaime BoehmIn “With My Luck” by Jaime Boehm, the black diamonds between the circles are the curtain showing through not the quilt, which is why I took a moment to look at this one. It was cool to see an alternate design.

with my luck close-up


I’m not sure how this quilt was constructed to get that overlap of the circles, and I suspect it might take too much patience for me, so this might be more in the wow category than the inspiration category, but I liked the idea of a quilt that isn’t one solid piece.



The quilting and the ombre color selection are both gorgeous in “Playing with Color” by Sandy Snow, but my favorite part of the quilt was the drop shadow gray applique. I think it adds a nice dimension to an appliqued quilt using geometric shapes.

And, finally…


“Waiting for the Rain” by Margery Goodall is again probably more in the wow than the inspiration category. You have to see a close up to fully appreciate it.



This is one of the quilts that I helped to hang on my volunteer day, so I got to see it up close in person. Those colored lines are probably about an eighth of an inch! Besides the sheer mind-boggling amount of patience that I know went into this quilt, I was drawn to it as an inspiration piece because I started thinking about how maybe I could experiment with quilting where the finished project doesn’t look so much like a quilt. It looks more like a rich tapestry.

Oh, and don’t you hate it when you’ve finally convinced yourself that if a scrap is less than 2 x 2 inches square you can throw it out and then you come across something like this? I definitely had that thought. So much for scrap bin management 🙂

So, I still have some “wow” quilts (not that these weren’t, really) on my camera card, but these quilts most got me thinking about my own quilting and how I might stretch my skills. Of course, on a more immediate note, I’m going to do some skill stretching with the triangle quilt along.

How about you? Have you been inspired by anything lately that is causing you to stretch your skills or to make a project different from what you’ve made before?


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  1. So many brilliant quilts here It’s so funny because I’ve always been one to say “I will probably never hand quilt” But I’ve seen a few lately that make me think I might want to try it (and Sherry’s was one of them) But probably on a mini quilt scale LOL.

    And that last one reminds me of a quilt design Anne @ play-crafts put on IG the other day. I was really drawn to it as well but completely overwhelmed by the amount of work that would be required for it :0

    Speaking of which: Are you on IG?

  2. From one English teacher to another
    thanks for commenting on my quilt “Waiting for the Rain”
    Margery Goodall, Perth Western Australia

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