Pantone Quilt Entry

My Pantone quilt is done. You might remember the Sunday stash where I showed off the beautiful fabrics. Then, I slid in some golden/mustard touches and some teals, and I was on my way. I used Melissa Corry’s In Your Neighborhood pattern. And, I loved making this pattern! It was so much fun to see the blocks take shape. It was actually a little addicting. I wound up staying up until 3:30 Tuesday morning to get this quilt finished, and I found myself saying, “Well, I’ll just get this little bit of sashing on.” Then, I’d say, “Well, I’ll just sew these couple blocks together.” Then, I got far enough along that it just made sense to go to bed knowing the top was finished, ironed, and ready to photograph.

Pantone picnic styleHere’s what it would look like as a wrinkled picnic blanket. Poor quilt had to sit in the car for 2 days because Wednesday wound up being rainy 🙁

Pantone close-up | One English TeacherHere’s a close up of the fabrics – albeit a little blurry. I had to be fast with the shutter release because it wasn’t raining today, but it was windy.

Pantone gross bugHere’s the bug or the gross shell of a bug that was dangling from the tree branch as I hung the quilt. I not so affectionately nicknamed it Satan’s minion and decided that I would most definitively have a panic attack if it touched me.

Pantone sun  | One English TeacherLet’s go back to looking the quilt, shall we?

I chose to make the baby size – 52×52 inch — quilt, which means there is plenty of room on it to play and that it also could make a small lap quilt.

I’m entering this in the quilt top category of the 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge, and I highly recommend stopping by there because there are some amazing quilts featured. It’ll be like a little dose of bright, happy spring for your day.

2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge

13 thoughts on “Pantone Quilt Entry

  1. Love it! Maybe I’ll try that pattern sometime. And as a kid we used to compete to see who could collect the most cicada shells…I literally had a bucket of them stashed in the garage…

  2. What a fun quilt. I had decided I did not think much of the Pantone colors this year but I do quite like the way you have showcased them.
    And–EWWWWWwww. I am right with you on the bug thing. It had better not touch me, either.

  3. Lovely! I bought that pattern but didn’t have the chance to use it yet. I am happy to hear that it’s a fun pattern to work with… and you choose very nice colors! thanks for sharing!

  4. Jessica! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love these colors together, you really did a great job. I don’t think I have seen this pattern, good choice. Can’t wait to see how you quilt it:)

  5. I really like how you used the mustard colour too. The result is stunning. Looking forward to seeing it quilted! Cicala in Italy: my daughter once lined up a load of shells. We took a photo too, don’t ask me why!Blah!

  6. This turned out so beautifully!! I love those pops of mustard and teal, they make this such a fun quilt. 😀 The design is super fun as well!
    As for Satan’s Minion, after reading the comments I see it’s a cicada shell. Is it sad that I guessed that’s what it was from playing Animal Crossing? (Which is a silly game for the Nintendo DS in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about.)

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