WIP Wednesday – Barn Door Quilting

While I had my walking foot still on my machine, I decided to at least get started with the quilting of my barn door quilt. I haven’t done any quilting since mid-January when I finished up my Kona solids quilt. No wonder it was so fun to get back to quilting. Plus, I LOVE what the straight line quilting is doing for this quilt. There are about 9 lines to each strip of color, and I have 10 more strips to quilt, so it’s going to take a little time, but I have a feeling the hours will pass with ease since I’m having fun seeing the quilt take on a new texture as I go.

Now I have to take off the walking foot and switch over to piecing my Pantone challenge quilt and my Star Light, Star Bright quilt since both have deadlines. Reminding myself how much I enjoy the quilting part of the process though should give me motivation to get back to this quilt (or maybe even to go through the hassle of putting on my walking foot for an hour here and there to slip in a little quilting even as I race towards these piecing deadlines).

I’m linking up with Lee Heinrich over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday. And, while I’m talking about Lee, I’ll post a picture of her Modern Mirage quilt that I got to see today when I was at the Lancaster AQS show. So cool! I almost squealed when I came around the corner and saw it.

Modern Mirage - Lee Heinrich


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Barn Door Quilting

  1. I love this take on the storm at sea quilt pattern. I may just try this myself. I love how storm at sea makes the eye see circles when there are none but I really like how the negative space frames this.

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