Point, shoot, click or carry

This morning I went downtown to help hang quilts for the Lancaster AQS show that opens tomorrow, and tomorrow, I head back downtown to see all the rest of the quilts. I still needed to create the insert for the purse that I bought to be my camera bag just after Christmas, and I figured there was no time like the present since I want to take my camera to the show tomorrow.

I snapped pictures like crazy as I made this, so I’m debating putting together a tutorial even though I think some of what I did would probably horrify people with experience sewing anything besides quilts. I don’t often create anything that has to have sides. It got tricky, and it also took all day yesterday. Really, all day from 10:30 to 5:00, I pretty much inched my way through the project figuring it out as I went. And, I still had some hand stitching to do while I watched TV and still had dividers to make today.

Camera bag insideHere’s the inside. I still want to make two more dividers for versatility, but I don’t need them for tomorrow. I’ve got a pocket on the end for some extra memory cards. You’ll have to imagine the actual camera in there. I love my new camera so much that I honestly am not quite sure where my old point and shoot has wandered off to at this moment, so I didn’t have a second camera to take a picture of my camera in the bag.

camera bag in purse


And, here is the case inside my purse. I love that there is still plenty of room beside it to put purse “junk” because that means at the quilt show or on vacation, I don’t have to be messing with 2 bags. I can just toss my wallet and keys inside the purse, but I don’t have to worry about them scratching up my camera.

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3 thoughts on “Point, shoot, click or carry

  1. Very Cool! Maybe You Should Make A Padded Cover For The Top So The Lens Is Safe If Something heavy Gets Set On The Purse.

  2. Well done. I love the fabric choice. I made a camera sweater for my first-bought-by-me camera out of an old sweatshirt. It was not as elegant looking as this! It just slipped it on the camera so it looked like i had a box inside a sleeveless sweatshirt on the end of a shoulder strap. I even used the neck ribbing as ribbing to close the hole! Quick and ugly. Yours is so pretty even if it took all day to make.

  3. That’s a nice project. Who needs to buy expensive bags when you can convert one you already have with creative hands? I myself don’t care about how you should have done it. The result is great. And it seems to be doing the job just fine. I make that kind of projects all the time… I mean starting with a piece of fabric and improvising on the way. That’s the essence of creation, no?

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