Toning up Thursdays – turkey in a pot

Who out there is so attached to their crockpot they could give it a name? (or, if you gave it a name, please do share….)

Yes, I see that show of hands.

I bounced back up by about half a pound since I last checked in. But, the fact that it’s not more than that is pretty remarkable considering my goals are lying in a flaming heap after crashing and burning. I even used another fast food pass, but that was totally planned out. A friend and I went to the fabric store and ate at one of our favorite pizza places. Their fried mushrooms are ridiculously good as well as the rest of the appetizer basket, so I knew I was going to use a pass on that day. I’m down to three passes until June 1st…. one a month. I’m going to have to plan carefully on an upcoming road trip? Can anyone say trail mix for the car to avoid a fast food burger?  This girl can.  In the interest of full disclosure though, if the vacay vehicle passes a Cook Out it will make a stop because I really want to try their food. Seriously, look at that milkshake list.

Anyway, I think the reason I’ve only bounced up half a pound is that even though I really need to get intentional again to cut out junk on a regular basis, I have been eating pretty healthy at meals, and much of that is thanks to my friend the crock pot. Last Saturday, I made one of my new favorite recipes — Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili. It’sfilling due to the quinoa, colorful thanks to the tomatoes and corn, and spicy, which I find makes me limit my serving size naturally.

Groundbreaking discovery: has a recipe calculator. Half the world probably knows this, but I just found out I can enter ingredients into MyFitnessPal and it will factor the nutritional info for the recipe, save it, and plug it into my food diary.

If the recipe calculator is to be trusted, this chili only has 301 calories per serving and 3 grams of fat. There are also 25 grams of protein. I was eating that on some days for lunch and dinner. Granted, I was often eating crackers or something with it, but that was some serious calorie cutting on the main entree. I’m not sure how the chili freezes, but if you’re really curious, check back with me later, and I’ll let you know. The goal was to eat this all week, but after a couple of days of eating it lunch and dinner, my stomach did start to wage war against me, so I had to banish the rest of the leftovers to the freezer.

Last night I was roaming the grocery store and found a whole turkey breast marked down because it had a sell by date of today.  I don’t generally cook turkey unless it’s ground, but I figured I could give it a shot. I was worried about how long it would take to cook a turkey breast after work, but you know, I live on the edge. I got home and turned to my cooking friend Google and was steered quickly to the search suggestion – – “turkey breast in crockpot.” Say what? The idea hadn’t even occurred to me. So, I decided on this recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff. They are also responsible for the Slow Cooker Three Envelope Pot Roast Slider recipe, which is pretty much one of the most amazing recipes. EVER. As for  the turkey, it worked out. It wasn’t the most tender turkey that I’ve ever had, but my mom and grandma can both make sumptuous turkey, so the bar is set high. The turkey was tender enough; I had a hard time getting it out of the crockpot because bones were falling out of everywhere as I lifted the turkey. (By the way, that step was the hardest because I get grossed out by stuff like that). But, I love now that I can eat turkey more than once a year. And, because of the spices added during cooking, the drippings make a nice gravy. Oh yeah, I made gravy — and it turned out!

So, that’s the skinny on how I’m staying relatively skinny even though I need to chain myself to a water bottle and stay away from the doughnut case.

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  1. You should pack a cooler for the roadtrip. You could take tuna/egg salad, cold couscous salad, or something… Keep it up!

  2. Great recipes! I can honesty say I don’t cook chicken/turkey in the crockpot because I’m frustrated by it falling apart when I try to pull it out ;(

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