Sell this place Sunday – opinions needed

Well, we can call this some progress towards getting the house ready…maybe.

I tracked down a lamp shade for the lamp in the living room, but I’m not sold. I kinda of think it makes the lamp look huge in comparison to the rest of the room. What do you guys think? I won’t be offended. Really, the tag is still on the shade; it’s just flipped to the back for the picture.

living room lamp up close


Here’s a close-up of the lamp (ignore the other lamp that I took off the table…and the blurriness.)

My personal vote is to take the lamp shade back to the store and then just move the floor lamp to storage in the basement until I see whether it finds a place in the new house or gets Craigslisted. Either way, I’d be able to cross the project off my to do list.

Not much more progress was made around here. I did clean downstairs pretty well. I mean, I even sent the most heavily used couch cushion covers through the washing machine. That definitely doesn’t get done all the time. But…general maintenance of acceptable living conditions doesn’t get me a check mark on the list. Bummer.

I did get the chemicals in the garage to the recycling place. I have a feeling that I’ll have one more small batch to drop off before I move, especially if I clear out some old cans of paint, but at least the bulk of them are gone.

And, I did go to two open houses. I figure if I see some houses with potential that will help with some project maintenance. One of the houses today was a definitive and resounding no. The other one though made it to the short list. If it’s still on the market when the the time is right, it could definitely work with a good location and pretty much everything on my list except for a dog fence.

So, that’s about it around here. It’s still an emotional tug of war trying to figure out if selling is really and truly the best decision right now. But, if for some reason, it doesn’t materialize, then at least this house will have the odds and ends projects done.


3 thoughts on “Sell this place Sunday – opinions needed

  1. I like it. but you would do well to move it to the basement if it makes you uncomfortable. We had to rent a storage unit to de-clutter while we were showing our house. We also had to put the house on multi-lock. We had to board our dog during the day! Our realtor also had us get all new bathroom towels, and little niceties like toothbrush holders and waste can. Every morning before we left to take the dog to day care and then on our way to work, I would dry down the shower with the old towels, put it in the washer and stack up the new ones artfully. Then at night I would always yell to everyone as we came back in the house, “DON’T TOUCH THE TOWELS!”
    If you have a basement, you are ahead of the game if you can use it as storage. If it is neat and has labeled boxes, your realtor may give you the stamp of approval.

  2. Lampshade looks too small…do you need a bigger one? We have some lampshades in the basement if you want to see if they would work

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