Sell this place Sunday

Ok, ok, it’s supposed to be sell this place Saturday, but I was so absolutely tired after working yesterday that I couldn’t get a post in. Yesterday, I decided to tackle stripping the paint off the bathroom door, a job I thought would be messy and mildly unpleasant but not as disastrous as it turned out to be. You might remember that I stripped paint off my entertainment center, and while tedious, that was actually quite a rewarding project.

headphones painted


Eager to get moving, I grabbed my audiobook headphones. Can you tell from the cord that they have already been through quite a few projects with me?

work clothesThen, I dug into my drawer of work clothes because I knew this project was going to get messy. Yes, I said drawer. I have a whole drawer full of paint spattered, torn clothes. And, that comes in handy. I went through two sets of them just yesterday. Doing laundry in the middle of a project? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


But, one whole 2 1/2 hour audio book came and went, and I still wasn’t even close to being done with stripping the door. I was, however, completely out of patience, so I took a shower and went to watch the Olympics while sorting files, which is another project on the moving list.

After some deep cleansing breaths and a large pile of paper to throw out, I decided I’d commit to at least 2 1/2 hours more to finish up the project. I tore myself away from the Olympics around 10:15 pm and at 2:30 am, I finally had the door and space cleaned up enough to leave the door as is until I can get more paint stripper. That’s right. After blowing through an entire container of paint stripper and several rags soaked in mineral spirits, the door is still not ready to paint.

door outside afterAs a matter of fact, now I’ve messed up the side that used to be fine except for needing a quick second coat of paint. That side will NOT get stripped. I’ll run mineral oil over it to clean it up the best I can, but I can’t face another entire side of the door.

door mid point


Here’s how I left the door at 2:30 in the morning. I still need to use some paint stripper down at the bottom because the finish is not smooth yet. And, I’m going to have to get someone to help me take the door off its hinges. Ach! I hate taking these doors off their hinges because they are ridiculously heavy and hard to get back on. But, it has to be done because I can’t get the frame smooth enough with the door in the way.

Ok, I’ll stop whining now. I just really would have rather quilted for six hours instead of stripping down a door to the bare wood just to paint it again. In other news, this bad experience takes two other projects off the list. I was thinking of stripping down two spare doors and using them as vintage headboards. Those suckers are going on Craigslist now, and I am going to worry about new headboards after I get to the new place and sort out what new bedrooms look like.



In more positive news, I did manage to finish purging the bookshelf in the closet in my room. So, now I can list it on Craigslist and have room to stack boxes in preparation for a move in that closet. There are already a few boxes of books that got tossed in there. I think this was a pretty successful purge. Several bags are packed to donate to the local library, and my front seat is full of books to drop in the Better World Books donation box tomorrow morning.

So, here’s the updated list with status updates in red.


  • tear down old soffit oops…forgot to add this project before 🙁 
  • organize
  • take chemicals to recycling center
  • pressure wash floor
  • clean up neighbor’s trash (don’t ask)


  • tidy up bushes
  • fix clothesline (gotta hang the finished quilts somewhere)
  • replace bottom screen with plexiglass or new screen


  • clean
  • get furnace repaired


  • clean grout
  • seal grout
  • try to get grout off cabinet
  • touch up brown paint on door
  • fill in holes in molding
  • paint ceiling
  • paint trim over powder room door
  • get window unstuck

Powder Room

  • touch up yellow paint
  • install trim over powder room door
  • paint newly installed trim
  • fill in holes in molding
  • paint ceiling

Living Room

  • touch up yellow paint
  • find shade for floor lamp

Dining room

  • make valance
  • rehang curtain rod
  • get window unstuck
  • patch wall that dog destroyed in his daily quest to eat the mailman

Upstairs bathroom

  • fix trim and/or paint black
  • install trim by tub
  • fill holes in molding
  • paint ceiling
  • make curtain
  • clean up any rough caulk in tub
  • strip paint off door – in process – hopefully more done then not done
  • repaint door

Guest room #1

  • get rid of storm door
  • finish handles on nightstand
  • make headboard
  • touch up scuffs on wall

Guest room #2

  • make headboard
  • hang new art

My bedroom

  • purge clothing got a good start on this, but can’t finish until I reach my goal weight
  • purge books/sell bookshelf
  • finish lampshade for bedside
  • hang quilt

Sewing room

  • organize! emptied a filing cabinet drawer and bought folders to organize fabric – that counts for something…
  • finish painting desk/sell desk
  • scrape paint off windows
  • shred old files no longer needed – got started on this
  • touch up trim paint

Upstairs hall

  • Put second coat of paint on doors also forgot this project before 🙁 

Front of house

  • pressure wash porch, sidewalk, and alley
  • trim bushes
  • put down new mulch
  • fix railing



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  1. That looks like a crazy amount of work, stripping the door! Kind of a cool look though. Good luck with all these projects:) One at a time…You are definitely making a lot of progress!

  2. It looks like you are totally reinventing your life. Goal weight WHILE trying to sell-up and move? You must be SuperWoman. Have you picked out a new place or is this a move within your same town? I am a new reader so I don’t know, did you get a new job? Gonna come retire up here in the mountains with me?

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