A Lovely Year of Finishes – January finish

It’s coming in right under the wire, but the cutting is done for my Gimme Diamonds quilt. It works to set goals, and this was my first goal for the 2014 lovely year of finishes. Surprisingly, all those sashing cuts weren’t as terrible as I thought they would be; it’s just that I’ve been occupied by other projects and waited on this one until the motivation of a goal gave me a swift kick to get this cutting done. It was harder to figure out the proportions of the color mix for the blocks. I’m not sure I’m digging the two darker purples with the sashing. I might have to stare at the design wall a bit longer and in more natural light, and I might wind up pulling the two dark purples (in which case I’m not done cutting…ugh). Part of me think the purple of the darker blocks and the purple of the sashing somewhat clashes, but part of me thinks I’m just paranoid because I don’t typically use this many different fabrics in a quilt. I’m wondering if once everything is all mixed together, it will come out just fine. Feel free to weigh in with thoughts.

Deogi on throw blankets

In other news, we’re supposed to have a heat wave this weekend that will take us into the 40s. Yippee. I’m filling the car with gas tomorrow while I can do it without losing a finger to hypothermia. It’s been throw blanket weather, and apparently after I wash the throw blankets to make them fresh smelling, here is what Deogi thinks they are for.

I didn’t forget either that it’s Toning Up Thursday. I haven’t been lighting the world on fire with meeting my goals except for staying away from fast food, but I am happy to report that somehow I’ve still managed to lose weight this week. Remember my challenge with my frienemies? As of this morning, I’ve lost 3.6 pounds, so I’ve only got to lose about 1.5 pounds before our weigh in on February 10th. The goal is feeling achievable once more (and this is even with one of my frienemies sending her husband out to get us donuts. Sabotage!).

Finally, I don’t know if there are any football fans out there. I’m looking forward to watching the game on Sunday; I’ve started dating someone, and this is the first football game we’ll watch together. We’ll see how it goes since I’m cheering on Peyton Manning (and the Broncos), and he’ll be cheering on the Seahawks. And, of course, we’re  both hoping for some entertaining commercials.

Can I take a little time out though to talk about something more serious surrounding the Super Bowl? Generally, large sporting events  become high risk areas for human trafficking. I had only a vague idea this issue existed seven years ago, but my students started doing research papers about it, and now, it doesn’t matter how many of those papers I read, I can’t get over the shock of how horrifically some human beings can treat other human beings.



While preparing to teach a writing class on social issues, I was horrified to discover that until just a few years ago, minors caught in prostitution that was a direct result of trafficking were taken to jail instead of to safe places where they could be rescued from their pimp/captors and restored to some normalcy of life. These girls continue to need others who will speak up for them. Even if the laws have changed for the better, the fact still remains that a frightening number of girls under the age of 18 are forced into the sex trade.

There is away that you can leverage your Facebook and Twitter accounts to create a social media “Thunderclap” that will give this horrific issue some needed public attention on Super Bowl Sunday. Would you consider signing up? You don’t even have to take time out to send the Tweet or post on Facebook during the game; the messages will post automatically with other supporters’ messages at halftime. And, if linking up isn’t your thing, that’s ok, but maybe consider reading this very brief list of signs of trafficking while you make your blog rounds today, so you would know trafficking if you saw it in your community and would have the national hotline number to call. This is a social ill that we can stop if we all become aware and act on suspicions.

Thanks for reading this far and on a topic I don’t usually blog about. I’ve got to go cut a little more fabric, so I can be ready for what is hopefully a productive weekend of quilting. I really want to make some progress on my barn door quilt and Vintage Revival project for the week.

4 thoughts on “A Lovely Year of Finishes – January finish

  1. Thanks for blogging about a serious issue. I am pondering the best way to help the victims of this issue. I took AA meetings into the county jail a few years ago, to the juvenile girls. They are stunned when I told them life does not have to be the way it has been, that home can be a sanctuary instead of the scary place, that they can become anything they can dream up… Those kids don’t believe it. How to help? One at a time. Thanks for getting your students involved in something more real than just what Joseph Conrad meant in his novels.

    AND, love that dog on the quilt! Since you asked for free advice or thoughts on your colors, first, I do love a design wall. Make some rows and then audition sashing. I go for a mismatch or clash, or push the neutrals with something a bit off tone, muddier, or whiter in this case. I do love your color choices but don’t feel any resonation (made up word) when I look at that purple sash. You will know for sure when you hit on it! can’t wait to see what is next. And, have fun watching the game!

  2. It really is amazing how just setting that deadline and telling people about can be the kick in the behind that you need 🙂 I don’t think the dark purples necessarily clash but they may be too similar in tone which means the purples won’t pop like the rest of the fabrics. Maybe go with a lighter purple?

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