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I know it’s just Wednesday, but I’m putting up my toning up Thursday post a bit early because I don’t have any fabric work in progress advances to show. So sad.  Plus, I also know that Justine, my quilting student is coming over tomorrow night. It’s time for her to start to get this stack of lovelies that she cut sewn together.



Toning Up Thursday posts are a little about weight loss and a lot about choosing healthy goals. Recently, I’ve gotten some help on reaching my goals in the form of some frenemies. My friends have become my enemies.

Ok, that really didn’t happen.

But, what did happen is I joined a little challenge. I have a standing dinner date on Monday night with some friends. Two of the women decided that they would lose five pounds in five weeks, and if they didn’t make it, they would have to pay each other money. They invited me to join the challenge, and I accepted. We even have a website because one of the women has a web designer husband, and he made a space where we can track our weight loss. So, I need to lose 5 pounds by February 10th or watch them maybe take my money to buy themselves new clothes. It’s a friendly little challenge to keep me motivated.

So, how did I do on my goals this week?

Well, no fast food. I had some weird food combos in the car due to that like the day that I drank chicken broth and ate pretzels for lunch, but no fast food. Yeah! Today the fries at school looked sooo good but not good enough to use a fast food pass for.

Water…well, um… I’ll get there. It usually takes me a little bit to settle into this habit. I mean, I routinely lock myself out of my office at school because I can’t remember my keys, so it takes some time to remember to take my water bottle everywhere.

Exercise. Well, it was an interesting week of exercise. I direct the Writing Center at the school, and right after New Years, a pipe burst on the 4th floor in our learning commons that houses the library and Writing Center. The water caused extensive damage, so all activities normally held in that building have had to be shifted elsewhere on campus temporarily while the building is restored. A professor occupying our old Writing Center space agreed to vacate the space. So, the Writing Center (and all my boxes of books and stuff) are back to their old home; it feels a bit nostalgic. I’m counting that move as exercise because once this girl moves 8 boxes of  books, she starts to sweat. And, I just finished a workout tonight. So, I did meet my exercise goal for the week. Happy, happy dance while I still can because tomorrow morning post-workout stiffness might preclude such activity.

I loved hearing some of your goals last week. Keep them coming. It always feels good to establish a goal and meet it even if that is as small as cleaning out your kitchen’s junk drawer (we all have them, right?). And, if you can find a friend or two to push you towards success, make sure you enlist their help.

And, finally, make sure you come back on Friday. My blog hop day will finally be here, and I’ll get to show you the quilt that has been top secret. The one with these colors.

wake up blog hop colors

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