Toning up Thursday – it’s back

Uh…don’t check your calendar.

It really is Friday. And, I really titled this post toning up Thursday. I was gone all day yesterday and crashed at 11:30 on the couch under some blankets, so I didn’t get a post up. But, I wanted to kick off toning up Thursdays again after a rather long hiatus — as in the entire holiday season. Oops.

So, if you’re new around here, I set some goals for healthy living last August. You can check out my reasons why if you want to go to the old post. And, I post here for some public accountability. It didn’t totally work, but it did start some discussions with people both in blog land and face-to-face, so I’m bringing toning up Thursdays back.

Fortunately (and shockingly), I was glad to see that I only gained about a pound and a half since I fell apart at recording this little journey in November. I couldn’t believe that good piece of news when I stepped on the scale because I thought for sure, I had gained more.

Anyway, this time around, I have the same basic three goals as I did last time.

1. Limit fast food. I’m setting the goal that I won’t eat fast food more than six times between now and June 1st. I was going to let myself declare that stopping at Dunkin Donuts every once in awhile on the way to church for a breakfast sandwich wouldn’t count, but I just checked the nutrition menu. That’s going to be a no, and since I wasn’t checking nutrition stats ahead and stopped there the other day, there goes one fast food pass. And, I went to the PA Farm Show the other day, where you basically have to eat something fried or the day isn’t complete. So, there goes another fast food pass, but those fried mushrooms were good.

I’ve modified the rules the fast food rules based on experience from last time. I did meet this goal successfully in the last round of healthy choices, and breaking the fast food habit was rewarding, but there were some blurry lines that I’m going to clarify. Ok, so I am allowed to go to Sheetz (our fabulous gas station/convenience store that has amazing made to order food), and the menu is mostly open to me. I’m clarifying this because last round when I’d go there and get anything but a sub, I made myself feel guilty because I wasn’t sure if I should count it as fast food. I am also still allowed to do a pizza drive thru. Again, it’s not the best choice, but I want to leave some options open. However, no other fast food drive thrus except what my passes allow.  I need to keep forcing myself to think ahead just like last time.

BUT, here’s where I’m going to make life harder this time around. I found that I felt like I was “cheating” last time because I would go to a sit down restaurant and order bad stuff like appetizer samplers. So, I’m giving myself slightly more passes this time, but I’m also putting all fried food into the fast food category. So, if I choose fries or mozzarella sticks anywhere, then I have to lose a pass. Cutting out the drive thru wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but cutting the fried foods is going to be a bit tougher, especially since I’ve been having really weird egg roll cravings lately.

2. Exercise twice a week – This was my worst goal last time; I hardly ever completed it, but it’s going back on here because I need to get in shape. I hate lifting things and feeling like a tiny weakling, and I have some spring plans that may require that I’m a stronger human being. More about them later…most likely tomorrow.

3. Drink my whole water bottle. Once I got into this habit, I could mostly maintain it, and it felt good to be hydrated, so I just need to make this a daily habit again. I’m using the same rules on this one as last time. Dear bladder, be ready to be stretched once more.

Ok, oops, meant to make this a short post, so I’ll wrap it up now. Is anyone out there trying to stick to a goal for the year that will make you a healthier you? It doesn’t have to be weight related. Maybe you set a  goal to power down the phone at dinner or to write a handwritten note once a month to someone. Maybe you want to go on more picnics or indulge in more bubble bathes to ease some stress. I’d love to hear your goal if you’d be interested in sharing.

4 thoughts on “Toning up Thursday – it’s back

  1. Great goals. Best of luck with them. I’m following a low carb lifestyle myself as I seriously aim to loose weight this year. I’ve always had good success with this lifetyle in the past, but pregnancy has stopped me getting to where I want to be. No more excuses. My five year old has just started skiing, my nearly two year old will hopefully start next winter and I intend to start then too, but if I am the weight I am now it is now quite simply a recipe for disaster. I intend family ski holidays to be in our future and so I am going to be fit and ready for the slopes come the start of next year.

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