WIP Wednesday – Scrappy Trip Part 1

Today’s post will be short on words and heavy on eye candy since I need to convince myself then to go to work and continue to clean out my email inbox before a new semester starts next week. Oh, I’d much rather stay here at the house with some hot chocolate and my sewing machine.

On the way to work, I’m going to drop my Scrappy Trip Around the World bee blocks in the mail. I finished them up this week. I kept procrastinating on them. I think that was partially due to the holidays, but I think it was also because other quilters were going to get to see the seams, and that made me so, so nervous. Once I settled down to it though, piecing the blocks was not as bad as expected except for while I was trying to finish the last two blocks. It was after midnight, and after pulling out several seams because my machine seemed to be possessed by a tension demon, I gave up for the night. Morning was a start fresh though, and here’s what’s going out in the mail today (pardon the terrible winter photo lighting).

Hive 8 block 3 for LaurieHive 8 block 3 for LizzieHive 8 round 3 block for DebbieHive 8 round 3 block for GingerHive 8 round 3 block for SandyMany thanks to Julie over at 627 Handworks for organizing the bee and to Sandy at Upstairs Hobby Room for being my leader for this round and keeping us all organized.

So, how does this post qualify to link up with WIP Wednesdays? Well, finishing up the scrappy trip quilt for myself is number 17 on my list of quilting goals for the year. I’ve decided that I want my quilt to use 16 scrappy blocks (still deciding whether I want a border around them). Four out of the five blocks from this round have arrived, and there is one more round to the bee. I’m trying to decide if I want to check out the possibility of sewing for two groups in the next round to get 15 blocks total from the bee or whether I want to get 10 blocks from the bee and then finish the rest of the blocks on my own.

Here are the four blocks that I’ve received so far. I asked for my bee mates to send me yellow, gray, and teal/aqua blocks, and I was a little nervous because teal/aqua can be interpreted so many ways. But, it all worked out because look at the beautiful surprises that have been arriving in the mail.

scappy trip block received 2 - round 3scrappy trip along block 4 receivedScrappy trip block received  1 - round 3scrappy trip block received 3 - round 3

Happy sewing to everyone. If you have a mug of hot chocolate and are sitting by your machine, know that I’m jealous 🙂


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Scrappy Trip Part 1

  1. What a FUN experience. All the blocks are so different with their interesting color selections. When you put them all together you will have a real treasure. I can’t wait to see the finished product. genie

  2. Oh, I want a mug of hot chocolate! Pretty blocks =). Thanks for your kind comment on my post “just thinking” the other day. I am so glad that I can be personal with my readers. Otherwise it would be a performance, not a blog. Thanks for affirming that!

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