A Lovely Year of Finishes – January Goal

I was at work today and realized that even though I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to be linking up to the 2014’s series of A Lovely Year of Finishes, but I never made it official. Yikes! So, here is my goal. I want to cut out all the blocks and sashing for my Gimme Diamonds quilt. I’ll have to subcut about half the blocks later after the sashing is sewn on, but I feel like the initial cutting is holding me back on this quilt. I have about half of the blocks cut, and on my new portable design wall.

Shout out to Paula at The Sassy Quilter for putting this design wall idea in my head with her lovely tutorial. Just don’t leave your insulation board in the garage, let it blow over as the door closes, and then run over it when you come home like I did. Paula didn’t include that warning in her tutorial, but I guess she couldn’t possibly think of everything that could go wrong 🙂

At any rate, I have less than half the blocks cut for the Gimme Diamond quilt, and I checked out the pattern today and calculated that just under 100 pieces of sashing need to be cut. Yes, 100. Blech. So, that’s why I’m making that cutting my goal for the month. I’m plenty motivated to get my blog hop quilt ready and to keep up with Sarah’s barn door quilt along. But, I need a little nudge on this project of the sashing that never ends.

racing stripes solid quilting threadsSpeaking of the blog hop, the Kona Solids blog hop started today. You can go to over to Just Let Me Quilt for a full schedule of the hop and Sew We Quilt to see some of the pictures from the start of the hop and to enter some giveaways. My batting for my hop quilt is pre-shrinking in the dryer right now because I don’t want this quilt to get too crinkly when it’s done, and I’ve pulled the threads that I’ll be using to quilt. Alright, I’m going to go take in the eye candy of the hop.


2 thoughts on “A Lovely Year of Finishes – January Goal

  1. Love the thread pic! A cutting plan sounds like a good idea, a few at a time won’t feel so overwhelming. Thanks for the shout out…my quilt life is not the same since I started using the design wall! No going back:)

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