Quilting Goals for 2014 – part 2

It’s time for part two of my New Year’s goals. I’ve moved the number up to 18 because while  I was cleaning the other night, I realized I have the fabrics  for one more that will be easy, so I don’t want to let it wait.

10. Modern Trees Quilt Along


I chose these fabrics for the Modern Tree Quilt Along, but I just couldn’t get it pulled off by Christmas. But, I still love the project, and I even cut most of the fabrics out for the project, so it’s looking promising to get this project finished.

11. & 12. Colorblock Quilts


Holly DeGroot’s colorblock pattern is one of the first ones that I fell in love with when I started quilting again, and my sister got me the pattern for my last birthday. The fabrics above are halfway cut and ready for the quilt, and then ever since I saw the fabric below, I’ve wanted to use it on a more grownup version of the quilt.

flowered colorblock fabric

13. Push Me, Pull Me

I won a copy of the Push Me, Pull Me pattern when Michelle launched it earlier this year. It was supposed to come with two fat quarters as well, but Michelle was generous and sent two half yards, which is super cool because  I just marked up the pattern today with the colors that I want to use, and I think I’m going to use one of those half yards. I was cutting out bee blocks this afternoon as well and realized that the colors were the exact ones that I wanted for this quilt, so I figured while the fabric was already ironed and on my cutting mat, I might as  well get a tiny start on the quilt.

14. Storytime Squares

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMy Storytime Squares quilt is already pieced; I just have to quilt it. I need to sit myself down at the table on day when I have several hours and just get this finished because I don’t even have an elaborate quilting plan for it.

15. Lone Star Quilt

WIP scrapppy lone star diamondsI started this half lone star quilt ages ago, and then when I discovered that those diamonds beastly when it comes to matching points, I set the project off to the side. I need to get back on the horse though and get this one finished.

16. Gimme Diamonds


I tracked down the sashing fabric for this quilt on my New Year’s Day run to 2 quilt shops, so now I can get started on it. Because of the colors and fabrics I’m using, I want to make a lap size instead of baby size of this quilt. I feel like there are so.many.tiny.pieces. I think the way to get this one done is going to be setting small monthly goals to get some momentum going. This month, I want to get the pieces all cut. I’ve started, but with all that sashing, there is still plenty of cutting to do.

17.  Scrappy Trip Along

The scrappy trip along is the bee that I’m currently in. I’ll be posting about it soon because I have 3 out of 5 blocks completed, which is a good thing since the deadline to have them in the mail is January 15th. I’ll be taking the blocks that I get and turning them into a quilt to keep for myself. That will be a novelty.

18. Half Square Triangle Quilt

This is the quilt that I remembered after scribbling together my list the other night. I already have a charm pack and tracked down the coordinating solid for it, so this one should come together quickly. I don’t want to leave that charm pack sitting around and waiting until 2015 for me to get to it.

Well, there are my goals. Time to get back to a little more cutting and sewing tonight.

I’m excited already for my 2014 year in review list next December. If you made your own year in review list for this year, why not go link it up at the linky party over at Sarah Quilts? You have until the 9th.

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