Holiday sewing

I got a new four foot ironing board for Christmas, and I’ve already had it out for two days to work on sewing projects. On Friday night, I put together six baked potato bags. I used to like buying the potatoes individually wrapped in plastic for the microwave, but now cooking something in plastic for that long grosses me out, so I found some Wrap n’ Zap batting at Joanns and made my own potato bag. My mom wanted one, and I was making two for gifts, and then I gave my sister one so she didn’t feel left out. The other two will make their way to my Etsy shop soon.

Then, my sister informed me that for her birthday, she wants me to make throw pillows for her bed…including  square bolsters. Uh…ok. I have no idea how to make them, so I’m going to need to get together with some of my friends with more advanced sewing skills to get some help. She did find some pillows at T.J. Maxx for less than it would cost to buy the pillow forms.

Jillian pillow before


These are nice pillows; I like the quilting, but they are not the color that she needs. I just created slipcovers, so she can always take them off later if she ever wants to use these pillows in their original form.

Jillian pillow after


Here’s the slip covered pillow. It’s got a few wrinkles, but I warned her that I’m not good at sewing three-dimensional projects. I do like the design on the fabric that she chose.


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  1. I have bought pillow forms and always gasped at the price! It never occurred to me to buy an already made pillow and recover it, thank you for the awesome idea! I was given a potato bag some years ago and use it a lot! Do you have a tutorial for yours?

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