Sunday stash – fun surprise!

Recently friends and I did a gift exchange. They set this box in my lap. I’m not hard to please when it comes to give giving. Really, my mom is distressed this Christmas. Her and my dad chipped in to what I had saved to help me get a DSLR camera, so then all I told her I wanted for Christmas was a new ironing board and ironing board cover. And, she is having a fit that I’m just going to open an ironing board, but as I’ve been working on a Christmas project on my old board, I just keep thinking about how excited I am to get that new one.

So, really,  just this box alone would have made an amazing present. It’s so cute, and it’s quite spacious, so I anticipate it will help me corral a good bit of my sewing room mess when I work on that project after Christmas.

But, check out what I found when I lifted the lid of the box.

gift fabricsSince I’m still learning how to use my camera, this picture comes nowhere near capturing the magic of the box. It’s filled with over 40 fat quarters of fabric that span the rainbow. My friends are so sweet and know me so well. I seriously could not have imagined a better gift from them! I was funny because later in the evening when I was petting looking at the fabric, I would pull out one and say, “Oh, I really like this one.” And, my one friend chucked and told me that most of the ones that I was singling out were ones that they thought I’d really love as they were picking them. I’ve already got an idea of how I’m going to use some of these fabrics. I want to set a goal of trying a new small project or at least a new block once every other week in the new year, and this variety of fabrics provides a perfect stash for that goal.

And, let’s peek over the corner of the box.

gift threads


Yes, they even threw coordinating threads in the box.

It’s ok, you can be jealous of my friends; they are pretty amazing. The hardest part of using this fabric is going to be dismantling the collection in the box because it makes me happy every time I open the lid and look inside.

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  1. What an awesome gift!! I agree that the box was a gift in itself, but to receive all the goodies inside too, all I can say is you have great friends!

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