Blog Hop to Bring in the New Year

I”m plunging in to my quilting commitments for the new year by not only joining the quilting bee that I mentioned but also by participating as a contributor for the first time in a blog hop. I’d definitely better be able to carve out a couple solid days of quilting over break just like I envision because I’m going to be one busy quilter. It was hard to resist this hop.

The hop goal is to wake up the new year with some projects that use Kona solids — just solids. This will be a new leaf to turn over for me, but one that I’ve been contemplating for some time, especially for the quilt that I previously designed for a contest.



I’m undaunted by the fact that the design didn’t even win an honorable mention, and I’m curious to see how it will look in solids, so this blog hop is the perfect motivator to make that happen.

I had already adjusted the design a few weeks ago before I ever found out about the blog hop. Since I’m no longer confined by the measurement requirements of the contest, I adjusted the quilt a little bit with an aim of making it jelly roll friendly.



Now, I have my behemoth 4 page messy sketch, and I have the Kona fabrics that I showed at the beginning of the post. They are washed and ready to start cutting since I didn’t get a jelly roll this time around and chose to raid my stash of solids instead. I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get to this project because I’d like to write an official pattern as I go with this project, the kind of pattern that someone else could follow instead of my chicken scratch on graph paper.

So, I guess from here until my assigned day of the blog hop, I can’t reveal too many more details about the project. Sad times, I know, but that should make January a fun reveal month.

I think there is still room for participants to sign up, so if you have a project that you’ve been dying to see in solids, join me in the blog hop. Here’s a link to the sign up info.

4 thoughts on “Blog Hop to Bring in the New Year

  1. So glad to see this quilt come to life! I have yet to host on that hop, but it looks tempting:) I think since I am about to finish one, I might feel comfortable adding another, lol. New year, New fun:)

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