Toning up Thursday…I’m back

Good grief…a girl starts posting about goals on a blog for accountability, and something happens…people start holding her accountable. Thanks to people who won’t back down, Toning up Thursday is back.

For a brief exciting moment, two weeks ago, I got down to 138. I guess that was a result of being sick and not having much of an appetite. That was a glorious time. I even put on a pair of pants that I hadn’t been able to wear in awhile. I also wore a skirt to school, and on that day, I thought, “Wow. I’m getting so thin. I’m not even sure this skirt is going to stay up today.” I got home and realized that actually the elastic in the waistband is shot, so that would be the reason that it was falling down. Hm…well, that illusion was nice while it lasted.

This week, I’m back up to 139.6; gotta love the preciseness of a digital scale, huh? That means I’ve managed to stay under 140, but it’s time to hit the reset button in a major way, so I’m going to review the goals again.

1. No fast food — I’m still doing well with this. I’ve been to Sheetz a few times, the wonderland of all food that is fast, but I’ve made myself get subs, and I’ve been clear with myself that if I cave to a breakfast sandwich or fried food, then I’ll be using up one of my two remaining fast food passes. It’s actually been far easier to stay out of the drive-thru lines than I anticipated.

2. Drink water – Ugh…I’ve fallen off the wagon. But, did you see it? I just hit the reset button. I’m going to drink water. Yes, it’s time to get back with that program. And, here’s a bold declaration. Hot tea is extra. Yes, I said it. I think I’ve been trying to cheat this water goal any way possible. So, the water is mandatory, and anything else is layered in.

3. Exercise – I’ve really been wavering on this one. Part of me says that since I’ve never successfully launched this goal, I ought to let it fold and forget it until the end of the semester. But, no! It’s time to activate. I’ve got rodeo jeans to buy. So, it only has to be a 10 minute minimum (sad, I know) twice a week, but I must meet this goal . Plus, I will surely get down the home stretch of grading more efficiently if I get up and get my blood circulating every so often, right? Maybe I ought to use the method of training that I used when I was writing my grad school thesis. I would force myself to write for a set amount of time and then reward myself with a set number of rounds of DDR. Hm…don’t know if that will work. My thesis writing had driven me to a fairly scary attraction to DDR or anything really that wasn’t thesis writing. Of course, we are talking about grading research papers here…yeah, it might be time to drag out the playstation.

So, there we go. It’s toning up Thursday, back with a vengeance. Assuming that the western wear store near my parent’s house is open Thanksgiving weekend, I have 3 weeks to get to rodeo jean size. It’s go time.

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