Geometry Squared – Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Ok, I cannot resist the Blogger’s Quilt Festival any longer. I’m entering my Geometry Squared quilt into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival ROYGBIV category. Readers of my blog saw the exciting finish in September, and there are so many things I love about this quilt that I don’t mind posting it again. I hope nobody else minds either 🙂

This was my first quilt along finish ever, which was a fun adventure in an of itself. I might be slightly addicted to quilt alongs now even if my latest one is languishing on the cutting mat. Boo for grading papers and mid-semester busyness. I need to rescue that project soon!


I loved the mix of soft crinkles and wonky geometry on the front…


and back of this quilt.

I also still remember the hours of quilting required, but I loved the challenge. I can’t FMQ yet, so all those squares meant lots and lots of pivots through my rather standard Brother machine. Whew! The air conditioning had to be on while I was working because I was getting a workout!

And, even though I love the front, I really like that I wound up not having enough gray for the entire back, which was the original plan, because that forced me to grab some graph paper so I could design my first seriously pieced quilt back. I’m now in love with pieced quilt backs.


Size: 42X42

Batting: Cotton

Piecing: Machine pieced by me

Quilting: Quilted on a domestic sewing machine by me

Pattern credit:

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