Color Test – Ready for a monochromatic quilt?

This post is mostly for my quilty followers (though some of my other readers might like the challenge). While sitting here after what should have been an energizing post-work illness-induced nap, I’m just cruising Facebook and trying to muster up the motivation to fold laundry and grade at least a few papers.

Self-talk moment: Come on, girl. You will thank yourself this weekend for chipping away at that pile of papers tonight…oh, and after your teacher-voice lecture about the heinous crime of ignoring paper comments made by teachers, your students might jump right to cleaning up the papers too.

Ok, back to what I found on Facebook. Check out this fun Color IQ test. Once you get to the page, four lines of color chips of gradient hues (or some technical term like that) will appear. Your mission is to drag and drop the tiles until you think you have them lined up into the perfect gradient from one of the spectrum to the other.

By the time I was done, I couldn’t decide if I was gleefully happy like I am in the paint aisle or if I was experiencing what it must be like (not that I have experience) to be on hallucinogenic drugs as all the colors started to swim together. Hm…the doctor did say that the steroids that he just put me on could make me jittery…

My score was a 12. Apparently, I’d better be cautious in the teal/aqua section of the quilting store, and I might also be a little hopeless about dusty rose fabric decisions. It’s a good thing I have an art teacher friend who is usually more than willing to tag along on fabric shopping trips. I bet she probably would score higher on this little exercise in color acuity.

If you take the test, I’m interested to hear what you score. Do you tend to more often use colors in your quilts from the color where you scored the strongest?

6 thoughts on “Color Test – Ready for a monochromatic quilt?

  1. I haven’t taken that test in probably ten or more years – I wish I knew what was score was back then so I could compare to now! I scored 7, which is actually a better score than I thought I’d get – there were a few places where I could feel myself struggling to sort them out (and they were both the sections that were shown as problem areas – kind of where pink bleeds into red and a sort of midtone green).

    • Yeah, it was weird when I was taking it. I felt like in some areas, I started to see almost a gray stripe; I’m wondering if those are the ares that I started to lose my sensitivity to some of the colors.

  2. Holy cow! I got a 4! I would never have guessed because I always tell people that I don’t have an eye for choosing colors and designs. Perhaps I should have more faith in my color acuity. Thanks for sharing!

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