State of my table

Two weeks.

Hm…I knew I was abandoning my blog, but I lost track of just how long I was gone.

Two weekends ago, I had fall break; it was productive (though, of course, not as productive as I would have liked). One large, looming project did get finished, so in terms of priorities, break was a smashing success (except for the part where I didn’t get all my grading done).

My parents came, and my dad helped me get all the boards secured to the ramp out back. Pictures will be forthcoming. I ought to take a video of me doing a happy dance down the walk, but you know, the neighbors might see the filming. My plan unless I wake up feeling like death warmed over tomorrow is to get outside to finish pressure washing the deck.

Sunday of this week was the beginning of the end. I was in the church nursery and holding an unhappy two year old. He wound up wanting to see something happening over my shoulder, and as he was turning his body to do just that, he wiped his nose…on my cheek. I knew right then I was doomed. The little kiddos are cute, but they carry germs like it’s their job. By Tuesday night, I had a sore throat, and it’s been a low energy and early bedtimes week ever since.

Today I still feel yuck with a sore throat and runny nose, but my energy is back a little bit. I managed to at least get some grading done, and the dishwasher is happily whirring in the background. I even have a (semi)clean fridge now that I worked up enough energy to clean the brown spinach slime out of it. Yeah, who knew that spinach liquefies into brown slime if someone gets sick and doesn’t clean the fridge? You do now. Consider this a public service warning.

I even worked a little bit on all the projects pictured above that have been on my dining room table untouched since fall break. I thought that my sewing machine was going to have to go in for servicing because the top thread was binding up and breaking. But, after a long call to Brother, most of which I spent on hold, I switched my thread color and the bobbin I was using. Problem solved. That bobbin went in the trash. I figure maybe it was either an old bobbin or one of those ones I’ve heard about that comes off the assembly line wrong. Or, maybe it was the thread. I’ll know soon because I’m about to try to using it again to finish that project tonight. I have more pink thread on standby in case of emergency.

Time to sew a little.