Toning up Thursday – breaking new ground

I skipped toning up Thursday last week….oops. I even had worked like crazy out in the yard for two days, so I should have been tooting my horn (finally) about making my exercise goal. Last week, I had bounced back up by .2 pounds, but no matter because I was thrilled to get on the scale this morning and discover that I dropped below the 140 mark. Yay! It’s 139.6, but hey, let’s round down and not up, shall we? I’ve started to pull more pants out of the closet to wear, so I’m tangibly moving in the right direction.

I didn’t make the water goal 100%, but I’m still doing well with it, and guess what? I’m starting to get to the point that if I don’t have my water, I miss it. I’ve just got to start doing better about having it on my desk at school. Sometimes I get busy, so then I wind up drinking all the water at home in the evenings. Tonight I did swing through the drive through for some pizza, but pizza doesn’t count in my little plan as fast food, so I’m still safe. I deemed pizza an ok food to eat on occasion. And, exercise, well…can I just still focus on that yard work even if I didn’t keep that momentum going?

Now, I have a more inspiring weight loss goal than just a random number. My sister and I booked tickets to go to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in December. I’m only mildly ashamed to admit that I’m seriously thinking about going out to buy a pair of Wrangler jeans to wear to the rodeo; these won’t be the Wranglers featured at Walmart. Oh no, they’ll be the real deal with a patch on the pocket if I go to buy them. And, the thing about Wranglers is that they’re designed to fit on the snug side. I don’t plan to get them as tight as I did in high school when I did the whole stretch out on the bed, suck my stomach in, and zip into a size 3 nonsensical routine, but I think, I would like a well fitting pair of rodeo jeans. Is it sad that the other day, I was trying to also figure out how to scuff around in them before the rodeo to wear out the part that should slide down over my boot, so they look a little used? Ok, that is sad, but it’s true. (Hm…wonder if I can lightly use my quilting seam ripper to rough up the hem…) I have a goal though. It’s not like bikini season, but it sorta is. Maybe I ought to print out a picture of some Wranglers and tape it to my neglected exercise DVDs for some motivation.

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