Bluebird Park Charm Pack Winner

First things first, let’s get the exciting news out there.

Allison D, you win! I’ve sent an email, so look for it and email me back with an address.

Thanks everyone else for all the love about the quilt. Sorry that I didn’t respond to all your lovely comments one by one. As you’re about to hear, this week has been waaaay crazy. Plus, WordPress was being all goofy at integrating with my email, so I was going to send a whole bunch of “thanks!” and “you’re so kind!” and “that sounds like an awesome idea” emails, but the problem was going to be that you weren’t going to see your original comments, and you were going to feel like a crazy spammer was attacking you. And, that would be the opposite of what I wanted to do. Rest assured, I have conquered the email glitch now, and all new comments will get safely forwarded to an email account where I can respond, and you’ll know what I’m responding to. I hope to hear from many of you again! I still am working my way through my new Bloglovin followers to check out where you are blogging if you have a blog. Yay! That’s something to look forward to.

Since there are a bunch of you who are new here, I should let you in on the fact that Thursdays have been dubbed Toning Up Thursdays. You can read about my weight loss goals that I originally set at my inaugural toning up Thursday post.

So, how’d I do this week? Well, last week, I was at 142.2. This week I was at….

Drumroll please.


That’s right. I dropped a whopping .2 pounds. Good thing I have a digital scale.

That’s a little discouraging, but I’m going to still count it a win. It’s going in the right direction, and since on a crazy scale of 1 to 10, life has registered a 14.5 lately, I’m gonna say that any loss is good. I can’t even tell you how many days I missed my water goal. I totally lost track. And, exercise, psh. What’s that? Honestly, considering I missed so many meals due to busyness or ate them at such weird times, I’m surprised my body let go of any weight. I did, however, still not eat fast food. Yes, go me! Really, I’m not being sarcastic. Go me! To illustrate how difficult this was, I’ll tell you about Tuesday. I ate a cup of dry cheerios on my way into the office around 9:00. I worked through what should have been lunch, and dove straight into a solidly booked afternoon of Writing Center appointments that would last from 1-5. Around 4, I had a 3.5 second break between students, so as my 4:00 appointment came in, I was shoving the last of a granola bar into my mouth. Then, I still had to go after 5 and deliver the charity quilt. Seems like the perfect night for McDonald’s, right? No! What’s worse than feeling like life is starting to spin out of control? Caving in and knowing that I made a choice I didn’t want to make. I found a granola bar that was probably past its expiration date and disgusting tasting, made myself eat it, and came home to find food here. Whew! It was a close call but I prevailed without fast food.

If that’s not enough of a snapshot of crazy, I can give you the slice of life that happened between 8:30 and 10:00 am this morning, you can multiply that by 18 days straight of working, and you’ll get the picture.

Because I haven’t officially stepped back to give myself a day off in 18 days (bad idea), I did decide to try to get a full 7-8 hours of sleep last night. The absolute latest I could arrive at work was 10:30 though I did want to arrive more like 9:00 or 9:30. The sleep was so good, and I was feeling so hopeful that I could get through today and Friday in a busy but sane way.

Nope, didn’t even make it off my street.

There was a car parked in the middle of the alley, and I thought that someone was just standing there talking to the driver. My blood started to boil because I thought the person was just being super rude (and because after I’ve worked 18 days straight sometimes I only have about 2.6734 seconds of patience for dumb stuff). But, then the lady in heels who was talking to the driver opened the door and started pushing the car.

She wasn’t getting far.

And, I was thinking, “Great! C’mon, steer toward the side of the road not the middle. Let’s go!”

And, then I thought, “Stop being a terrible person. Go help.”

So, I slammed my car in park and tried to help push the car. The lady asked if I could give them a jump or if I was late, and I somewhat snappishly told her I was late.

But, then I was driving away and felt bad. I was later than I wanted to be, but I wasn’t technically late. And, then I remembered “love your neighbor as yourself.” And, then I thought about how much I really hated the fact that the story of the good Samaritan had come to mind. Sometimes it’s just not easy to live out my faith, I’m not gonna lie about that. But, I knew if I didn’t turn around, I’d feel bad all day. So, I turned around, and we jumped the car. Thank goodness that I store my jumper cables in a bag with directions about how to jump a car on it because we were three clueless women.

I was trying to see the situation as a blessing in disguise because I was by the house and could retrieve the lunch that I had forgot. That blessing feeling ran out right after I slammed my finger in the front door accidentally. It was swelled up before I could even fill a bag with ice.

Yep, that 90 minutes. Snapshot of 18 days. I can’t wait for Saturday; I don’t plan to set an alarm. If you’re new to the blog, don’t worry, I’ll be done whining and back to quilty stuff soon. For now, I’m done because it still hurts my finger to type.