100 Quilts for Kids Finish

Sorry that the color of these pictures are a little off. Imagine this quilt in bright turquoise and hot pink minus the bluish shadowy cast. I whipped this quilt out of the dryer this morning, dashed off to work, and then threw it on the grass at work really quickly to take some shots of it before I delivered it to Lily’s house.

I made this quilt for a family who used to go to my church. About two and a half years ago, Lily choked on a cough drop, and though her brother was able to do the Heimlich maneuver,  the lack of oxygen sustained during her injury caused significant brain injuries. Lily’s family was not willing to accept the diagnosis that she should be sent to a long-term care facility; instead, they brought her home, and they have continued to seek out the best therapy options for her. It’s a long journey with small victories like when Lily responds to the therapist’s commands on the days that a therapy dog is there to lay by her side and when she manages a laugh when she sees or hears things that she enjoyed before the accident. I follow the family’s care page for Lily, and their faith is inspiring. When I think of them, I see a picture of unconditional love. Too often we look for love in cheesy chic flicks or idealistic situations, but this family wakes up every morning, and they function the best they can as a family and they keep fighting for Lily. It’s love.

vintage strippy quilt closeupThis quilt is a little different from some of the other quilts that were donated through Katie’s fantastic 100 Quilts for Kids drive (I think the number has definitely exceeded 100 by now). Instead of donating the quilt to be used by Lily, I donated it to be raffled off. Right now the family is raising money so Lily can get some treatments that are not covered by her insurance company. On Friday night, a benefit is being held at one of the art galleries in Downtown Lancaster, and there will be a raffle along with live music and food. The quilt is one of the raffle items. I just checked the fundraising link, and the family is about half way to their fund raising goal for the treatments. I hope this quilt takes them even closer to the goal.

You can give a quilt to a child or a charity all year round, but if you want to link up to Katie’s wonderful quilt drive, you only have until September 30th. That’s still leaves time to pull out an unfinished project and to finish it up in time to donate it.


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  1. That story really touched my heart. About a year ago I choked on a cough drop at work & on of my coworkers hit me on the back. Very scary. Prayers for Lily & her family.

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