Star Surround – Crossing the finish line

The star surround quilt along is finished. And, I highly recommend visiting Melissa’s parade that she’ll post on the 16th of the finished quilts. The linky where participants posted finished tops had 95 quilts linked, so I’m guessing this is going to be one serious quilting parade.

Thanks to the Sunday Funday giveaway that I posted yesterday, I’ve picked up some new blog followers who may not know that this quilt hit some speed bumps along the way.  But, I loved that there were weekly link ups with prize incentives to keep me moving along. I made all but one of the deadlines; there was one week when the disaster that I had created caught up with me.  I joined the quilt along to learn new skills, and ultimately, I did.

And, I also am going to ‘fess up soon and tell you about a behind the scenes ridiculous mistake that I made while making this quilt. I know, it’s hard to imagine worse than what I detailed in the disaster week post, but I did do something really, really dumb while I was making this quilt. It’s a story for another day.


I decided to echo quilt, and I loved that process. I was a little scared to start, but I found that the echo quilting went relatively quickly. I had the audiobook version of The Help keeping me company, and as I went around and around the quilt, the busyness and chaos of this week at work melted away a little (even if I did know that I was going to be one sleep deprived girl by the end of the week).  If I make this quilt again (and that’s likely), I might want to do something a little different to fill in the corners, but it would be hard not to echo quilt again since I liked how it turned out. I used red in the bobbin the entire way through and used red on almost the entire top except for in the center star where I wanted the quilting to blend with the fabric, so I switched to gray.

I was disappointed when I initially started the quilt to discover that I didn’t have enough of a black and white fabric in my stash to carry out my original color vision, but now that the quilt is finished, I’m so glad that a lack of fabric pushed me in a different direction. I think the more graphic black and white fabric wouldn’t have let the beauty of the pattern speak for itself, and I don’t think the echo quilting would have showed up as well. Yay for disappointments that turn into blessings; we can all use them once in awhile.

star surround backing 2I feel like this quilt is somewhat formal on the front, but there is a little party in the back. (Please refrain though from calling this the mullet quilt…) I had the fun circle fabric in my stash, and I was happy to pull the entire quilt from my stash. So, this quilt is all finished and waiting in my Etsy shop to find a new home. I don’t know if any of you like to imagine what people might do with your quilts, but I think this one would look amazing hanging over a fireplace.

Welcome to my new blog followers; I’m super excited that you found this blog, and for those of you who also have blogs, I’m excited to visit and see what you’re doing in your neck of the woods. It might take me a week or two to make the rounds since so many of you popped in to enter the giveaway, but that means I’ll have plenty of distractions if I need a break from grading essays over the next two weeks.


14 thoughts on “Star Surround – Crossing the finish line

  1. You may have had some problems while making this but you recovered well and it’s a beautiful quilt. The echo quilting is beautiful. I had intended joining in the quilt along myself but it took me till this week to finally get going so I’ve only managed to get a quilt top made so far and still have the quilting to tackle. I think I too might use echo quilting.

    • Wow! You’ve already completed the quilt top. That’s great; you’ll have everything quilted in no time at that pace.

  2. Well, I might have to go back and read about the disasters but I may decide to just sit back and enjoy this beauty as is 🙂 I love the red and really need to use more of it in my quilting.

    • Thanks, Leigh Anne. If you choose not to read through the disasters, I’ll sum up the most important lesson. Make sure you buy plenty of red to make it all the way through your quilt because it’s nearly impossible to get different dye lots to match 🙂

    • Barb, I’m definitely going to be a better quilter for the experience. I love that you just finished an All Framed Up quilt; I bought the pattern.

  3. Your quilt turned out great! Sadly, I didn’t get my top completed to link up. Heck, I think I only made ONE of the weekly deadlines! LOL

    • Aw, Kim, don’t give up! The link prizes made it fun,but if you finish, you still get the best prize — a quilt you enjoy!

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