Quilt and Giveaway Preview

Ok, this picture is a little blurry and the colors are goofy because I ran home from work, finished piecing this quilt, and pulled it out of the machine just in time to (sorta) run an iron over it and toss it on the clothesline to photograph it before darkness completely enveloped the backyard. Here’s a sneak peak of the quilt top that I’m going to reveal and the giveaway that I’m going to host. The quilt stays with me, but some fabric with this cute squirrel on it will soon be on its way to a giveaway winner. Check back for the start of  the giveaway on Sunday.

Gotta run for now. I’m giving myself the night off (mostly) from school in hopes of binding my star surround quilt, so I can slip it under the wire for the star surround quilt parade on the 16th. I’m so tired! I hope this binding goes on without a fuss. Send me warm thoughts of my needle catching all the edges the first time around!


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