Star surround quilt along piecing finished

Woooo!! Look what is finished. I’ve got the star surround quilt along piecing done. Let’s all pretend that we’re in my back yard doing a happy dance around the quilt. And, if we were all dancing around the quilt, I’d presume Melissa, the ever so gracious quilt along host would be there, so I’d stop all of us to thank her by applauding her hard work and super great tutorials. I jumped in with both feet to my first two quilt alongs basically at the same time, and it’s been a great experience.

Ok, now, don’t be sad, but I have to show you this…

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASee my little pucker that is on all four corners of the quilt? Maybe you remember me telling you about the little disaster with this quilt a couple weeks ago. Well, my logic brain had the trimming to make the pieces work all planned out, but then my emotional brain got all scared about trimming the wrong side of the corner blocks. By the time I realized I should have listened to logic instead of emotion, I realized that the seams weren’t matching up exactly on the last rows to join onto the quilt, I was done using the seam ripper.  Maybe this is because by then I had just sewed together and ripped apart one of the four patch blocks with a corner yellow triangle — twice! I kept putting the triangle in the wrong row or facing the wrong way. I swear for those of your considering Melissa’s quilt alongs in the future, these mishaps were 110% quilter error. The tutorials could not have been more clear. Seriously, step by step pictures of everything. But, whew, my brain was checked out. I think it was the dark shadow of knowing that I had papers to grade after I pieced the top.

But, don’t worry, I use cotton batting and wash my quilts, so they pick up some crinkles anyway in the first wash, and I’m sure that straight line quilting will also help hide the pucker (or at least I have my fingers crossed that it will).

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERALet’s take a minute to be happy and look at how those center points match up. Ooooh. so pretty.

And, I’ve still got hopes that I can get this quilted by September 14th, so I can join the blog parade of gorgeous finishes with the other star surround quilters.

While I have all of you here, I want to give a shout out to a blog that I just found today. I was following a giveaway link from Quiltstory’s fabric Tuesday linky, but I found so much more. I found the story of little Charlotte Grace, who was diagnosed with brain cancer at 3 months old, and her amazing mom, Lauren, who is doggedly trying to raise awareness about childhood cancers and raise money for research. This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and she wants to get the word out about this tragic disease that is the leading cause of death in children under age 15. To kick off her awareness campaign, she is giving away 15 fat quarters — yes, 15 — of gorgeous gray fabrics. Just wanted to let you know so you can stop by to encourage her, enter the giveaway, become more educated about childhood cancers, and stay tuned for her quilt auctions coming in the spring to raise money for childhood cancer resarch.

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6 thoughts on “Star surround quilt along piecing finished

  1. It is absolutely 100% fantastic!!! I would totally be doing the happy dance with you!! And you are so sweet with all of your kind comments. It was a joy to do 🙂 Your center point is just awesome, and all of your points for that matter look great!!! And no worries, once you quilt it, you won’t see that pucker again, they have a way of working themselves out 😉 What a super fun finish. Thank you for having one of your first quilt-a-longs with me!!

  2. Looking good. Good luck getting the quilting done by the 14th. Like Melissa said, the quilting will hide the pucker.

    On a different topic, do you know that you are a no-reply blogger? Just letting you know, because I didn’t know that I was a no-reply blogger until someone let me know a few weeks ago.

    • Thanks!

      And, I thought I had the no-reply blogger issue ironed out, so thanks for pointing it out. I’m sad that self-hosted WordPress blogs and Blogger blogs just can’t seem to get along very nicely since so many wonderful people use the Blogger platform. Hopefully I have the no-reply issue all worked out.

    • Thanks, Lisa! I kept reminding myself that I did the quilt along to learn, and learn I did 🙂 The quilt is basted, so now I hope that I’ve hurdled over the last of the difficulties for that project and quilting goes smoothly; I can’t wait to see it quilted!

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