Toning up Thursday – orientations are bad for me

Well, I might as well ‘fess up. I ate waaaay to many desserts during the orientation festivities at campus, partially missed my water goal twice, and only exercised once. The consequences: I bounced back up to 145.2, just half a pound shy of where I started.

So, let’s just go to rock bottom and talk about those desserts. I baked two of them when I hosted new student orientation at my house, and then I baked three different cupcake recipes for the Writing Center table at the activity fair (which pretty much flopped: note to self – cupcakes do not make good raffle prizes). Out of the five recipes, the two worth repeating (uh…once I’m exercising enough to burn the calories) are the Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Bars and my favorite Easy Cherry Limeade cupcakes.  I wavered back and forth on whether I really liked the truffles; I think choosing a mixing bowl that was too small and having to wipe mounds of oreo crumbs off the counter didn’t get them off on the right foot with me. Then, I was afraid about the cream cheese layer sitting out, so I chucked them in the fridge after I made them. This made the chocolate hard and the red velvet layer dry. After they sat out and came to room temp, the flavor was much improved, and so far as I know, no one died after the cream cheese was sitting out at room temp. But, don’t take my advice as that of an expert.

The cherry limeade cupcakes though were a winner from the start. First of all, the cupcakes themselves are truly easy; this is one of those lovely variations on a box mix recipe. Win! And, the limeade icing was refreshing; I’m going on record and saying that I dig lime juice in icing. It also wasn’t hard to get a nice decorating consistency with the icing, which is something that I struggle with at times; I did add just a little more powdered sugar than the recipe calls for to make the icing a little more stiff. These are definitely something that I would make again.

Tomorrow, if I’m feeling ambitious, I’m going to throw together a chocolate zucchini cake to eat with friends, so at least my baking it incorporating some veggies and greek yogurt tomorrow. With a long weekend ahead, one of my goals is to also comb through my recipes to plan out a healthy September. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the grocery store to stock up on all the non-perishables to make healthy September happen, but a folder of  lunch and dinner recipes and their accompanying shopping lists should start to push me in the right direction again. If anyone has any favorite healthy recipes feel free to pass them along!