Toning up Thursday – Back on track

The evening is getting away from me, so tonight is a quick update — and maybe a dose of inspiration if anyone is following along.

Here’s how I’m doing on my weight loss goals.

Fast food – Nope! No fast food. And, I’m noticing that this is changing my habits. After my visit with the Lasik doctor, I took dinner home for my dad and I, and I went into Walmart to pick up some chicken and broccoli instead of swinging through a drive through. Granted, when push came to shove, I opted for the fried instead of rotisserie chicken, and I did pick up pre-packaged mac and cheese, which I’m sure was not the best choice. I ate watermelon for dessert though. Go, summer produce!

Water – I missed a day and a little this week. With school starting my schedule is getting busy, so I’m going to need to remember that my water bottle needs to make the transition with me from home to school and then back. If that fails, then I’m going to put water bottles at both locations.

Exercise – check. This week I did something I haven’t done since I was dating a couple years ago. I walked downtown for dinner. Some friends met up to celebrate a birthday, so I decided to hoof it downtown and catch a ride back (mostly for safety reasons). The other walk was a standard loop around the park. With the kitchen trim out of the living room and my eyes getting a clean one week check-up, I think it’s safe to transition back to workout videos in the evening if I want to go that route in the upcoming week.

Weight loss – I debated when I started this whether I was going to put my actual weight on the blog, not so much because I care about that number floating around but because women are comparers, and with weight, that’s just dumb. Different body types, heights, muscle mass, etc. all make weight comparisons between people somewhat arbitrary. I’m finding it’s getting too darn confusing to track my own progress though without writing it down each week, so I’m gonna throw some solid numbers out there. But, don’t compare yourselves to me! Set your own goal and use your own body changes as your comparison point. When I first weighed in four weeks ago, I was at 145.8. After a horrible week last week when I bounced up over 138, I’m down to 143.8, so I feel good to be back on the roughly one pound a week loss track. I think last week was just a stupid fluke.

Anybody out there working on some new healthy habits?



2 thoughts on “Toning up Thursday – Back on track

  1. I’m working toward gluten-free to see if that’ll help with my headaches! Also trying to be more moderate in eating in general.
    &, of course, running cross country. Maybe all that together will produce some trimming. =D

    • You don’t need any trimming! But, I do hope that the gluten free helps with those headaches because I know they can be a drag 🙁

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