Some sunshine for the weekend

I gave myself a few hours of quilting yesterday. I picked out the main colors for my quatrefoil modern block of the month earlier this month, and I was really excited about them. I’m going to piece three of the blocks and transform them into a tablerunner since I like how the spool block table runner from a couple months ago worked out. Yesterday, I sketched out how I  plan to join the three blocks since I’m not doing a simple block to block arrangement like before.  Then, I rampaged through the yellow section of my stash to pull in the colors that I’d need to implement my sketch and got all the fabrics cut. Last night I couldn’t resist starting to piece the blocks. I even got the 160(ish) inches of strips that I’ll need all pieced together too.

string of pearls ready to quiltThe modern block piecing will be on pause for a little bit though because look what is hanging on the banister just begging to be quilted! Finally, my string of pearls quilt is ready to go. It’s pinned together, which is soooo weird for me, because I’m an avowed spray basting girl, but I’m cutting it close with a back that’s just barely wide enough so once I got the top all spread out,  I was a little scared to pick it up and spray it. Before I knew what was happening, I was surrounded by safety pins. I’m already seeing some wrinkles, so I hope I can work those out as I quilt.

Yesterday, the kitchen ceiling drywall was almost completed, so I was able to put stuff back into the kitchen and reclaim the dining room table, which is great because that’s where I like to quilt. I really didn’t want to have to try to quilt this on my tinier work surface in my sewing space.

And, finally, if any of you haven’t gotten wind of it yet, you should know about the Sunday Funday weekly giveaways that are going on from now until September 15th. There are at least four bloggers joining into the fun each week between now and then, and boy, has some really cute stuff been finding new homes. Who’s helping to finish out the giveaways on September 15th? Yours truly. I found my giveaway fabric this week, and I’m waiting with baited breath for the mailman to bring it to me since I splurged and got myself some of the same fabric to play with as well. I’m working behind the scenes to make it a super fun giveaway — being my first one and all that. You might want to follow on bloglovin or via email, so you don’t forget and miss out. In the meantime, you can go check out the fun giveaways this week. I entered to win some Christmas charm packs. Could my first holiday quilt be right around the corner?

Sunday Funday Giveaway Party

2 thoughts on “Some sunshine for the weekend

    • Thanks! I’m hoping on Saturday, I can get a bunch of piecing done, so I can see how those grays and yellows come together. I don’t think I’ll pin all the time because it takes so much time and because it’s a little annoying that the pins keep getting caught on my lever that raises and lowers my presser foot. I’m also cringing when I hear them scraping the dining room table. However, I will say that the quilting pattern I’m using takes frequent pivots of the quilt, which means quite a bit of shoving the entire quilt through the throat space on that machine. This quilt has taken quite a bit of manhandling, and I’m not sure the spray basting would have retained enough tackiness to hold everything together long enough.

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