Toning up Thursday – beautiful edition

If you missed it, last week, I set some healthy choice goals for myself.

One of the most significant observations to grow out of my first week of eating healthier is that healthy food packaging is so much fun. I’m a sucker for fun typography, so I liked both of the bags of healthier snack foods that I bought this week. I know, I know….carrot sticks would outshine both of these foods. But, I’ve got to start somewhere.

Also, I’d like to high five the person who decided to market popcorn as Boom Chicka Pop. I might have a crush on the colors of the popcorn bag too. I’m thinking that a bright pink, yellow, orange and green quilt could look like 80s vomit, or if handled very, very carefully, it could become one of the most amazing things to come from the needle of Betzee (my sewing machine).

chia crispsHere’s another snack that I found that I enjoyed tremendously. These black bean chips were delicious. Out of curiosity, I just cross-checked them with the nutrition label for baked potato chips (online…I swear baked chips are not in my house right now) and found much to my chagrin that they actually have a little more fat than baked chips. However, they also have double the protein and a little more dietary fiber. Plus, they have chia, and I don’t know that that does for you, but I’ve heard it’s the newest craze. At any rate, maybe I’d better not eat this at a furiously fast rate, but when a little crunch is desired with a sandwich, I’ll keep these on hand. I also tried the white cheddar and jalapeno flavor. Yum! And, that flavor had the added benefit of being self-limiting because my mouth would catch on fire after eating a serving size.

Not pictured it Kashi’s Go Lean cereal, which found its way to the faculty lounge so it could find another home after I ate just one bowl of it. I should’ve known. The box wasn’t pretty.

Here’s the run down on this week’s goals:
Did I exercise twice? Yes. I took a 25 minute brisk(ish) walk with the dog and did a 20 minute cardio video late last night so I could answer yes to this question. Oh blog, you’re keeping me honest.

Did I eat fast food? Let’s clarify that subs are not fast food (though I plan limited intake). So, no, I did not eat fast food. I was proud of myself for this too. One day I forgot to take lunch to school, so I went to the grocery store and made myself a salad at the salad bar. I’m pretty sure that the lunch supplied for my work conference tomorrow is going to be Chik-fil-a, so it looks like I might have to take one of my three free passes already. That’s a bummer, but at the same time, I’m just gonna take it on the chin and be glad that I gave myself a limited number of free passes, so I don’t have to be “that girl” who makes the lunch coordinator do extra work to accommodate me.

Did I drink my water bottle every day? Well…I think a few days I fudged it — like the day I forgot it in the car and tried to drink from an alternative container in my office and then estiguess how much more I had to drink when I got home. Overall, I met the goal, but keeping my water bottle with me is still a habit that is maturing; I did have the fortitude to return to my car once or twice to retrieve it.

Side note: I was at a simulcast location for the Willow Creek Leadership Conference today; it’s one of the leadership investments that I’m glad my boss makes into our academic leadership team each year. And, Patrick Lencioni was drinking water out of what looked like a milk carton. I was curious, and found this company — Boxed Water Is Better. Super. cool. concept. I drank water out of plastic bottles, and while I was glad it was free, I do not like drinking water out of plastic bottles. I want to find this in a store near me.

Weigh in: By Saturday morning, I had finally gotten batteries for my digital scale, so I could do an initial weigh-in. The verdict is that I have to lose 16 pounds or 15.8 to be exact to get to my goal weight. I lost one pound this week, so it’s a start. It’s not a zooming out of the gate start, but it’s loss. So, I’ll take it. Even if I lost at that pace, I’d be down to my goal by the end of the semester and back into a portion of my pants by the end of September.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s a link to a bonus healthy recipe. One of the writing center tutors that I used to supervise was in town this week, and I was fortunate that she could carve out time to have breakfast with me. I made some of these banana cinnamon waffles from Cooking Light. Now I have  buckwheat flour and ground flaxseed on hand. Anyone out there have any great recipes that utilize these ingredients? The waffles were good, but I’m not going to eat that many waffles.

Finally, if you want to make some healthy choice goals yourself, feel free to comment here, and then I’d love to hear your report back next week. For me, knowing that I was going to have to post this week about the healthy choices I made (or didn’t make) was a helpful motivator.