String of Pearls – Completed top

My String of Pearls quilt top is done! I’m weeks behind on the quilt along at this point, but at least the top is done. The seams between the rows still need to be ironed to clean everything up, and clearly the whole top could use one more good ironing. But, did I mention that it’s done?

I like how it looks, but I did encounter a setback. I knew I’d have to wait a bit to quilt it because someone is putting drywall mud on the ceiling in the kitchen this week, so all the decor from the kitchen is piled on the dining room mantle and table, which is right where I’d like to spread out the quilt. Plus, even if the table was clear, it probably is not ideal to have the quilt downstairs once the dust starts to fly.

That wasn’t the worst setback though. The worst was figuring out that the piece of gray fabric I have isn’t quite large enough to back the quilt. I had it in my head that it was going to be plenty large enough with extra left over for my modern block of the month design, so I was bummed out last night to make the discovery that I don’t have enough fabric.

string of pearls back planThat’s where this little sketch comes in. At first, I thought I’d just throw some black borders around the gray and be done with it, but then I thought that maybe I should take my time and make the back something to be proud of too. Well, make it something to be proud of in theory. Barring the color diagram that I made for my quilting class in high school, I think it’s possible this is the first time I’ve busted out the graph paper to plan anything. It’s still a work in progress. I’m gonna move that narrow horizontal band near the top because even on paper the spacing of those lines feels off to me. And, I still have to fill in some of the measurements. I was sketching this in bed last night (hence all the wrinkles), and I was literally so tired that I was falling asleep while writing.

string of pearls backing cutsI did get the string of pearls leftovers cut last night after realizing the catastrophe of not having enough fabric. I’m leaning more and more towards thinking that driving 3 hours round trip to a quilt show this Saturday might just be too much on my plate. That’s sad because I was looking forward to the quilt show for a few months, but I could always console myself by working on this quilt for several hours on Saturday. If I could have it basted by the end of the day on Sunday, that would be amazing. We’ll see what happens. I’ve still got to tackle the flying geese for the star surround too if I’m going to keep pace.
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vintage birds fabric

And, I have new inspiration to join up with the 100 Quilts for Kids project launched by Katie over at Sew Bike Quilt. At first I wasn’t going to join since a portion of my quilting profits (provided I start selling some quilts) will be donated to international microfinance loans, but then I found a kid in need who I couldn’t resist. I’m mid piecing on a strippy quilt made out of these adorable fabrics that I showed off awhile ago, and now I have good reason to finish it. I’ll be donating the quilt to a raffle being held at an event in December by Lily’s family. She suffered a traumatic brain injury over two years ago, and her family is holding a fund raising event in September to raise money for some treatments not covered by the insurance company.

I’d encourage fellow quilters to join up with Katie’s project; she and many of the other quilters joining up are donating to a wide range of awesome charities. If you want to join but can’t think of a charity, I’d be happy to put you in touch with Lily’s mom for details about how to donate a raffle quilt.

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    • Thanks! You were right; I got the pieced back done today, and it was worth the extra time!

    • Thanks, Christa! I’ve got all the quilting done, so now I just have to trim the extra batting off and get that binding on!

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