Quilt Odyssey 2013 – My Favorite Quilts

In life news, today I went for my pre-op work to prepare for Lasik surgery in two weeks. Here are the three most notable facts that I learned:

  1. When I look at pictures and think that my eyes look narrow and squinty, I am indeed not imagining things. During one of the tests, I had to open my eyes as wide as possible and stare as if looking down a long tunnel. No matter how wide I tried to open my eyes, my eyelids got in the way. A second technician finally had to come into the room to hold my eyelids open. My great-grandma had to have an eyelid tuck at some point in her life. I’m thinking she was probably over 65; I’m having doubts about whether I’ll make it to 40. 
  2. After dilating my pupils to the point that he probably could have peered into my brain, the doctor said my eyes looked deep and calm. I’m sure these were technical terms, but I’d like to think he was peering into my soul.
  3. My mom’s cell phone hates me. It’s not unusual for her to miss texts from me. The pre-op tests can take two hours, so mom went to get her hair cut to pass the time. I didn’t see her in the waiting room when I was ready to leave, so I sent her a text to let her know I was done,  meandered down the hall, used the restroom, and parked myself on a bench outside the doctor’s office to read and wait for her. An hour later, I was debating how much longer to wait before trying to  call to see if she had forgotten me. Then, I got a text from her saying that she was in the waiting room. So, effectively, we spent an hour longer than we needed to at the office because I either didn’t see her in the waiting room, or she slipped in during the brief time I was in the restroom. My text never got to her.

And, now on to the quilt show finds from the Quilt Odyssey show in Hershey PA. I was going to build up the suspense to my favorites because the pictures from the show will span several posts, but why wait? Let me show you some of my absolute favorites first. I promise, all the quilts were amazing, so it’s not like there won’t be anything left to see after this post.

Quilt Dreams - Nufer and KnappHere is quilt dreams, which was pieced by Beth Nufer and quilted by Shelley Knapp. I wasn’t alone in my excitement over this quilt since it won the viewer’s choice award at the show. I loved it so much that I circled back to it to take more pictures.

Quilt dreams - nufer and knapp pathDon’t you just want to meander down that path right into the quilt? And, my jaw was dropping at the exquisite detail in the mini-quilts hanging on the clothes line. Nufer wrote that she was inspired to make this quilt by a puzzle that had three quilts hanging on a line. That was her inspiration and then she kept building from there.

Oh.my.goodness. I can’t even wrap my mind around making the three quilts on the line not to mention going from there.

Quilt Dreams - Nufer and Shelley flower fields Quilt dreams - Nufer and Knapp quilt on the lineLook at the quilt. Ah…I can hardly stand it. I love the sense of movement created by the look of the quilt blowing in the breeze, and isn’t the quilting in the border of the quilt phenomenal?

The sign by the quilt didn’t get too many construction details, but as I look at the field of purple flowers, it seems like this quilt is constructed in some places by many, many tiny square blocks, selectively cut and pieced together.

Quilt Dreams Nufer and Shelley hot air balloon


Last picture from the Quilt Dreams quilt, I promise. Did I mention that I really, really liked this quilt. Look at that hot air balloon, and I love the quilting in the sky.

Natsumi on her bikeNatsumi on her Bike by Hiroko Miyama was also a favorite of mine. This picture comes nowhere near doing justice to the brilliant colors of the quilt. The little girl in the quilt is the quilter’s granddaughter. Isn’t that just beautiful to think about, a grandmother laboring for hours and hours and hours to bring this precious little girl to life in a quilt.

Trust me, it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to go to this quilter’s website to see some of her other quilts. I can’t even imagine how much time she spends quilting.

Natsumi on her bike close up


Check out this close up. I can’t get over the applique of the brand name on the bike bar or the teeth on Natsumi. If you visit Miyama’s website, be sure to click the detail tab and mouse over the faces of the children and the dogs in her quilts. I was stunned by how lifelike she makes the eyes. She even put little black pads on the feet of the dog.

Well, that’s it for the quilt tour tonight. I’m going to go give myself 30 minutes before bed to work on some pretty amazing…uh…half square triangles 🙂

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    • I was glad to pass it along. I felt fortunate to live so close to this quilt show; I’ve appreciated the mini-quilt show tours from other bloggers over the past year 🙂

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