These are a few of my least favorite things

It’s going to be a busy, busy weekend. My sister arrives tomorrow to spend the 4th of July with me. We’ve also got plans to take in First Friday in Downtown Lancaster unless it rains…again…like it feels like it’s been doing for the past 40 days. Somewhere in there, she wants to go fabric shopping and wants me to make some new curtains. She’s bringing her paint clothes, so I’m hoping for a tradeoff. I make her curtains; she paints some of the last remaining  trim in the house. We’ll see how things go.

So between her coming and the fact that my real estate agent is coming on the 8th to give me an idea of what my house would list for if I would decide to sell and move on to new(er) digs, I decided it was time to really buckle down and finish some projects that have been waiting far too long, which incidentally means they are projects I wasn’t particularly enamored with doing. I didn’t take picture, but I weeded and remulched the front hill today.  And, there were plenty of indoor projects to complete.

ungrouted tileWhen the kitchen was refinished, I opted to tile the counters since that seemed to be the most economical option open at the time. I wound up just a few tiles short, then Lowes was out of the tiles for awhile, then I bought the tiles, waited forever to take the end one to Home Depot to be cut, put them on the wall, and waited forever to finish grouting them. See those annoying three gaps that need to be grouted? When I installed the counters years ago, the grouting was the part I hated the most. Darn you HGTV people for making things look so ridiculously easy. Grout can actually be tricky stuff to handle (and messy!). However, it was time.

finished groutI’m not the world’s best tile worker, but the grouting is finally complete. Yay! Now, I need to wait a bit for that grout to cure, and I should really clean all the grout in the kitchen and seal it. We’ll see how many years that might take (unless the news from the realtor is really good next Tuesday and I find a great new house).

grout clean upWhen I grabbed a plastic bag so I could go out to the backyard and clean out the grout trough, I had to chuckle. I think this picture wraps up the juxtaposition that is me quite well — messy tools and projects and fabric.

On to the next dreaded project…

thermostat beforeOne of the great parts of the furnace breaking down a few years ago was the fact that the furnace company installed a programmable thermostat with the new furnace. One of the not-so-great parts was that the old thermostat was larger and damaged the plaster on the wall when it was removed. Oh plaster, you and I are not friends. And, yes, I really was working on this project at 10:56 pm.

themostat repair toolsWhereas plaster and I are not friends, wall repair fabric and I are the best of friends. In the attic, I once had to patch a huge gap created when I ripped down a shady paneling job. That was before I knew about this magical fabric, and thus that project was Terrible (yes, with a capital T).

thermostat wall fabricNow that I’m smarter, I put up the wall fabric — 11:03. Not bad since I had to remove all the old flaking plaster.

thermostat mid pointAnd, here is the progress after coat two of drywall patch. It still needs one or two more coats and then some paint, but I’m getting there. And, no, I wasn’t working on this at 11:49 pm. That’s when I snagged the photo — right after I vacuumed and blew up the $5 air mattress that I snagged at a yard sale last year to make sure it was usable for the weekend.

bathroom stucco mishapI also tackled the stucco job that I’ve been dreading for awhile now. When I stuccoed over a brick wall in the bathroom, I didn’t quite bring the stucco down the wall far enough. It was a sad, sad day when my dad installed the trim, and I saw the big gap between stucco and trim. Since stucco is such a nightmare scenario for me, I filled in the gap with a few layers of drywall patch to reduce my contact time with the stucco. That was dried and ready to go, so tonight, I got all up close and personal with the toilet and finished the final layer of stucco. There is no after picture because it wouldn’t be all that impressive, but I’m happy it’s done. I’ll let it cure up over the weekend, and then the plan it to hit it and the thermostat patch with some paint before the realtor gets here.

paint on my legOh, and alongside the bleh projects that I’ve been putting off, I’ve also been doing some fun furniture painting projects. I’m not ready for a full reveal of them yet, but you can see a hint of the color as it is smeared all over my leg. No worries, in the furniture post, I’ll only reveal the furniture, not more of that sexy leg.

unpainted hardware for my nightstandI also spray painted this hardware and got it installed on the nightstand for my bedroom. Considering I primed that nightstand during the summer Olympics, I’m excited that my sister can help me finally put it in my room this weekend.

peach freeze with DeogiAnd, finally, my mom told me how to make mock ice cream out of blended fruit and almond milk, so I had a nice frozen mug of that the other night to reward my hard work too. Deogi wanted some, but he didn’t get any. I don’t think he did any work unless you count the time that I think he licked the wet drywall patch on the bathroom wall when I had my back turned.




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