Grading…at a snail’s pace

If snails could grade and I was in a race with them, they would have beaten me. I’m getting close to the end, but I’m having trouble getting into the zone and finishing up this semester. What did I do instead this afternoon? I cut the grass with a weedwhacker and cleaned up the smelly, gross alley between my neighbor’s house and my house. I also cleaned the fridge. Of course, then I wanted to put the clutter back into the fridge because taking it out only confirmed my worst fear — the entire fridge needs a good wipe down. How does one person make a fridge so messy?

If you’ve ever pondered (not that you probably have), what Deogi does when I do glue myself to the couch to grade as I finally did for a little bit tonight, then here is the view from my seat.

Deogi helps me gradeThat’s his face crunched up against my leg. I like to call this his I’ve-had-more-fun-watching-paint-dry look. He’s actually pretty much asleep even though his eyes popped open for the picture. It cracks me up that when he falls asleep, he leaves his bottom lip open to show off his crooked teeth. I’m glad dogs don’t need orthodontists.

He was actually pretty comfy even with his head all crunched up against me. Notice how I get one cushion of the couch, and he rolls over on his back to sprawl out across the other two cushions.

Deogi loungingAlright, that’s it for now. Hopefully tomorrow’s blog will be a celebratory post about finalized grading.