Still here…

Two days — that’s how close I am to wrapping up classes for the semester.

I had a horrific week last week — one of those kinds that I could only write about publicly if I had a pseudonym so anonymous and untraceable that I could do highly sensitiveĀ  undercover work with it. But, this week is leveling out. A few unexpected bumps cropped up along the way — like having to sub in for a prof this week. Fortunately, her class was scheduled to give presentations, so a video camera was all I needed to jump in as substitute. And, seeing her freshmen present on what they’ve learned in English class this semester has actually been fun.

The writing center has been abuzz with conversation about John Donne and secular and sacred poetry and last minute visits.

This is the time of the semester that my brain gets so overloaded that I think, “Is this essential right now?” If I answer no, there is a good chance that it’s waiting until next week. So, if you would come to my house, you’d see a thin film of dog hair on, well, everything. It’s be there waiting for me when I get around to it. My emails is stacking up, and hopefully, I’ve answered the essentials. Next week, I’ll try to set aside some concentrated time to deal with it. This shedding of the non-essentials is actually quite freeing. For now, I concentrate on breathing and pacing myself through grading – and coffee.

And this week, I’m mostly just thinking about cookies. Yep, I realized something the other day as I was in my office eating cookies for breakfast.

Don’t judge. I ate a banana too.

I realized that I have a food crush. Yes, an infatuation with Biscoff cookies. The feelings are hard to explain – as they so often are when in the throes of springtime love. So saying these cookies are addicting will have to suffice. I should ask the administrative assistant to ration them out to me so I don’t sit at my desk stuffing my face with them. But, she’s on vacation, so there is no one left to protect me from myself.

Don’t judge. I bought a Nutribullet this week and have consumed two smoothies full of spinach, carrots, and cucumbers…and more bananas.

Also, don’t judge. Of course, I did not pay $120 for the Nutribullet. I get Kohl’s coupons.

Anyway, back to those cookies. As my brain was paralyzed by overload, I sat in my office munching on my cookies and reading the packaging (because reading email would have been an overrated use of my time). And, I realized that Biscoff touts itself as the “airline cookie.” Huh…apparently these cookies are served on European airlines, and the airline patrons were so ga-ga over them, understandably so, that the company started selling them to people on the ground — people like me.

This led me to wonder if any other airline food has ever before in history managed to create excitement. Unlikely.

I’m also pondering why U.S. airlines can’t seem to come up with a crush worthy food. Also unlikely considering that some of the airlines still serve peanuts despite the fact that peanuts these days seem to make 99 out of every 100 people have some type of allergic reaction.

At any rate, thank you, European flyers, for making such a clamor over these cookies that they found their way to me, in my office, so I could eat them for breakfast.

After consultation with the Biscoff website, I’ve discovered that there are Biscoff cookies that are coated with chocolate. I want these intensely. But, I should probably pretend like I do not know that they exist.

Then you would have to judge me for eating the entire $28 package of 100 cookies — for breakfast. No banana.

Disclaimer: Biscoff didn’t pay me to say these nice things about their cookies. Really, this is about the best my brain can come up with for content, leading most of you to be glad that I only have two days of classes left as well.

Offer: Biscoff is more than welcome to sponsor this blog, a terrifying prospect for them I’m sure.


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  1. This makes me committed to trying Biscoff. There are jars of Biscoff spread for sale at the grocery store stacked between Nutella and Jiff. I’m getting some, and I’m going to eat it!

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