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I’m counting last Monday as my unofficial birthday party. Some of my sewing friends have been telling me about Burkholder Fabrics for some time now, and they’ve been trying to get me out there. The store has emailed out a 25% of Easter coupon, so Monday seemed the opportune time to be introduced to the store wonderland fabric playground. My friends were right when they told me that nothing else I’ve seen so far could compare to this 5,000 square foot wonder. We drove off into what seemed to be the middle of nowhere — I am a quilter living in Amish country after all.

I wound up coming out of the store with the following group of fabrics. It took four of us to pick them out. I saw the central panel, and then my lovely friends kept a watchful eye in all the aisles that followed to help me find the complementing fabrics. I got to the cutting table after all that and realized that due to the repeat pattern on the panel, the picture I had in my head wasn’t going to work as easily as I thought. Rather than abandoning ship, I still bought the fabric. An easy quilt turned into at least an intermediate one, but I think it’s going to be adorable when finished. I’ m hoping I bought enough of the fabrics because I was doing quite a bit of math guesswork at the cutting counter. I’m going to need to make sure I’m proficient at 1/4 inch seams before I can dive into this project wholeheartedly.

Check it out though. Can you see why it would have been hard to leave these cute vintage feel letters behind?

vintage letter fabric
Just a few days before going to Burkholder, I had stopped into the PA Fabric Outlet, a place I also thoroughly enjoy. While in there, I picked up some playful elephants, and I was fortunate to be able to pick up the matching rhinoceros fabric at Burkholder. I was a little sad to leave behind the giraffes, but they were on a blue background, and I think it would be fun to go bold with a mostly yellow and orange quilt.

elephant and rhinocerous fabric

And, finally, if you’re a quilter, and you haven’t seen the Bijou Lovely blog yet, you need to see it. Wait! Finish reading my post, then go see it. Seriously, I enjoy this blog named after the blogger’s grandmother. And, one of Holly’s quilt over at Bijou Lovely is one of my favorite quilts that I have pinned on Pinterest. It might even be my favorite one. I don’t normally pull pictures in from other blogs, but you’ve got to see this quilt. Remember it’s hers not mine, and you can buy her Colorblock pattern; I’m grateful it’s what my sister bought me for my birthday.

Now that I’ve almost sufficiently gushed over the quilt, here is the picture of my inspiration quilt.

Colorblock quite via bijou lovely blog

Clearly fabric choice is crucial for this quilt, and here’s the fabric that I plan to use to make it. Well, here’s one piece of it at least. I’m still spinning around in my mind what colors I’m going to pull most prominently into the quilt and whether I’m going to stay with white sashing or switch to black. So many decisions.

flowered colorblock fabric

Ok, enough writing about fabric. I need to go clear all this fabric off my dining room table because the goal is that tomorrow I can finally get my birthday sewing machine out of its box. I’ve been dying to do that all week, but poor little Betzee (the sewing machine) has just been sitting on the kitchen floor where I’ve been tormented by seeing her each time I pass by.

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  1. I love Burkholders! I was there in 2010 on a road trip from Texas to New York and made a pit stop. I order online from them all the time. You can’t beat their prices! The Old Country Store in Intercourse is a good one too. Love your fabric choices!

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