Fabrics steals

I’m nearly too tired for words tonight, so I’m going to reveal those fabric steals after all.

Here’s what my day was supposed to look like: go to chapel at school, prep for tomorrow’s discussion about philosophy course objective revisions, print handouts for my class, approve textbook orders, send a reminder about next week’s faculty in-service, go to counseling appointment, dash home to put dog out, teach class, stay at school afterwards to figure out how to make Google+ work for online writing center appointments, come home, grade papers.

Here’s what my day did look like: go to emotionally wrenching chapel about sex trafficking from the perspective of someone who actually works in India in the aftercare of girls and women rescued from brothels, arrive in office to discover a binder containing an untouched editing project that was due yesterday (oops), open email to find out that the COM program needs video cameras stat, take off to find said cameras only to figure out that no local store has five in stock, proceed to visit nearly every Walmart in the county to find the cameras, fit in a visit to the counselor in the midst of that, race into my classroom five minutes late to be greeted by “ug…oooh” (because students were hoping for an unannounced class cancellation), come home, toss dog out, plant myself on the couch to test Google+ with one of the tutors stationed back in the Writing Center. Now I’ve eaten dinner and decompressed by watching an episode of my new Netflix obsession, Numbers.

My summation of the day: I should have worn different shoes.

I’m trying to decide if I want to wake up early to look over the philosophy materials or if I want to look at them tonight. I’m afraid I’m not terribly good at philosophy; I have thorough notes from my own college course in the attic and thoroughly enjoyed my prof, but I still remember sitting in Barnes and Noble, realizing that the emo kid from my class was at the next table over, and thinking to myself, “Surely that kid has a better grip on Neitzsche’s angst than I do. I should study with him.” Incidentally as a result of a google search to make sure I was spelling his name properly, I just discovered that Neitzsche had an amazing mustache.

Neitzsche picture

I digress. Without too many more words, here are the quilting fabrics that I discovered as I cruised the aisles of the fabric store.

Ever since I went to get help making Adam’s quilt and my friend showed me her heirloom cut chenille baby blanket, I’ve had my heart set on making one. This muted pink bird fabric is going to be at the heart of my first attempt. I’m almost tempted to figure out how to add a ruffle to the edge of the quilt because that would finish it with a lovely feminine touch.

pink bird fabric

Here are some yellows and teals that I’m going to use to make a quilt using the Daisy Baby pattern. I plan to buy the brown solid fabric that I need while it’s on sale this weekend. My favorite fabric of the bunch is in the lower right corner — the brown background with the delicately playful white and blue flowers. That was the runner-up fabric to back my grandma’s book quilt before I decided to go with something a tad more sophisticated (and dare I say bookish). Now that I look at it though again, the fabric vaguely reminds me of a shirt that my grandma used to wear. Maybe that familiarity drew me to this fabric.

teal and yellow quilt
I also have plans to make a basic straight line baby quilt with a vintage bird theme. I’m thinking I’ll fill in with some oranges, pinks, yellows and teals. The picture doesn’t show that the background of the cream fabric has writing scrawled across it. I may find something more muted to tie to that as well. If I’m not careful with all those bright colors, the quilt could wind up looking like the contents of a Barbie toy chest were vomited onto it.

vintage birds fabric

The remnant bin was also a profitable stop. Check out these coordinating fabrics that I got to try out a muted version of the Up, Up, and Away hot air balloon quilt. I just need to grab some green, maybe another teal, and maybe a yellow make the balloons. I actually think I have enough of the green polka dot left over from Adam’s quilt to make some balloons. I can’t believe that I’ve only made three quilts since my introduction back into the quilting world, and I already have a stash. A stash of fabric that is not to be confused with Nietzsche’s ‘stache.

hot air balloons

And, finally, here is a fun black and white print that was also in the remnant bin. I have 3 or 4 black and white quilt patterns pinned and am fascinated by thinking about what transferring some other patterns from color to black and white could produce. So this fabric doesn’t have an anticipated home yet, but I doubt it will be difficult to come up with something. At any rate, it was too fun to leave in the remnant bin — especially when remnants were 50% off.

black and white fabric

2 thoughts on “Fabrics steals

  1. Beautiful fabrics…and i have to admit as a student I (embarrassingly) sometimes look at the clock when the professor is missing – trying to see if its been 15 minutes so i can be counted as present then leave… :0;

    As for Numb3rs, its an amazing show. I was sad that there wasn’t more seasons; that’s what i watched as i quilted over Christmas break. Now I’m into Duck Dynasty courtesy of my hubby – no judgment please… 😀

    • I won’t judge about Duck Dynasty though without cable I don’t follow along. And, if I were a student still, I’d be rooting for the professor to be missing as well.

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