Say it isn’t so…

I can’t believe I’m almost at the one week mark without posting. I’m still here!

I spent Friday and Saturday at the Justice Conference in Philadelphia. The conference organizers we’re messing around. Both days were 12+ hours of stuffing my brain full of insights — even meal times were good times to catch up with the organizations represented there and to talk with fellow conference goers. My notebook for the last few sessions is empty because my brain was pulsating by that time on overload. I plan to write some of my impressions this week.

The plan was actually to write some throughout the weekend, but my tablet was on the fritz, which was supremely annoying since the whole point of buying it was to travel with it. But, I think I might have figured out what was wrong…maybe. At any rate, it powered up again tonight, which is more than it wanted to do all weekend. Ah well, the fail was probably a good thing. I was forced to get a little more out of my introvert shell to talk to some people. It might not sound like much, but I made sure I initiated conversations with two conference goers, and I then didn’t rush off when a third person initiated a lengthy conversation with me. That doesn’t include chatting with organization representatives, so I think I should get introvert bonus points or something. And, I’m thankful that Relevant magazine gave out complementary copies of the magazine in the conference bags because with the tablet dead, I also was stuck without the books I had downloaded onto it. And, that was enough to cause a near panic attack. Relevant proved a suitable substitute though.

Then today, I slept in ridiculously long, procrastinated some and caught up on emails, and then kept working on my quilting project. I’m trying to push through to a reveal in the near future and, more importantly, being able to gift it. We’ll see how this week goes. At any rate, I started with a new spool of 225 yards of thread at the beginning of this project, and I finished off that spool today. I’m still not even done piecing yet. This is an ambitious project, but all the pieces are finally starting to add up to something cohesive (and a bit out of square — my typical hallmark).

2 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so…

  1. I would love to hear about everything you learned at the conference. I had never heard of it before, so I took the liberty of clicking on the link you provided; what a full, full weekend. I’m sure it was very insightful and inspiring. I’ve been feeling the tug to be involved in an issue that seems to have been one of the topics there; this is just one more “sign” that maybe I should be involved, so thank you! 😀

    • You’re welcome! At the conference, I was struck by how many of the people who are now well known in working for justice had their journeys start with a small “tug” that they couldn’t ignore.

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