Tomato Basil Parmesean Soup

The smell of this week’s creative experiment greeted me when I arrived home from work today. Crockpot meals are good if for nothing else but to smell good when you walk in the door. Even if no one is there to cook dinner for you, life is a little better if it smells like someone was home cooking dinner all day for you.

This soup gets two thumbs up from me. Here’s the link if you want to find the recipe. I’m still going to be on the hunt for a more traditional style homemade tomato soup, so if you’re looking for something to dunk your grilled cheese  sandwiches in, then this isn’t the soup for you. It’s a creamy tomato soup. The original blogger said she’d reduce the half and half a little, but I went for the full two cups this time around. If you want the tomato flavor to come through a little more, then you might want to reduce the cream, but a whole two cups was delectable.

You should also be aware that even though this is a crockpot soup, it’s not one where you can just toss and go. You could get it together pretty quickly in the morning if you have the foresight to chop your celery, carrots, and onion the night before. Or, you can be like me and get to work 20 minutes late. No worries, I left over an hour after I was supposed to. It’s not ready when you walk in the door either since you have to make the roux, add it back into the soup and let it cook 30 minutes more. I felt so official though — a roux. I thumb my nose at the commoners making their boring dinners in the domiciles that surround me (sorry…started watching Downton Abbey last night and indulged in another episode with my soup).

At the end of the day, this soup is rich and creamy. I’m not trying to tout my roux making skills as more than they are, but this is the type of soup I would expect to have at a restaurant where the prices run $20-$30 a plate. It’d be a perfect appetizer soup for a formal dinner party. And, it makes plenty. It’s cream based, so I hope it makes it to Wednesday because I had enough to eat it for dinner tonight, pack up five generous lunch sized portions, and put a decent size mason jar of it in the freezer (not sure how that’s going to come out).


2 thoughts on “Tomato Basil Parmesean Soup

  1. I tried a recipe the other day that called for a roux. Andrea and I were both at a loss… And I’m pretty sure i did it all wrong (since my solution was just to throw the ingredients in with everything else). Or the recipe sucked.

    I wonder how your soup compares to my awesome fire roasted tomato bisque. We need a soup off.

  2. Yes to the soup off! And, I’d try that failed recipe again if I were you. You can’t just throw in the ingredients for a roux. It’s the step that makes the recipe thicker. For mine, I had to melt butter and then whisk in flour for five minutes while the concoction heated and thickened. Then, I had to put in a cup of the soup. The roux got gross and weird, and I thought I had messed it all up. However, when I added the next three cups of soup that the recipe called for, it mixed out smooth. When I added all of that back into the main crockpot, it totally changed the consistency and appearance of the soup.

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