Pay it Forward 2013


I found this in my mailbox this morning, but I had to dash out the door and wait in anticipation all day to find out what was inside. Maybe if you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen the Pay it Forward 2013 idea floating around. You post a status promising that you’ll write a handwritten note (and perhaps include a small gift) for the first five friends who post. The catch is that they have to promise to pay it forward by posting the same offer on their walls as well. I first saw the idea on the wall of someone I went to grad school with, and since it combined handwritten notes (an communication art that is woefully endangered), surprise gifts, and just seemed like a generally nice thing to do, I jumped in.

I had fun watching the people who responded to my post, put the offer on their walls and get responses from their friends. And, I’m having fun thinking of what small things I can send with my notes. I actually picked up some supplies to concoct one of my gifts, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

My surprise from a friend already arrived today. My picture didn’t do it justice, but my friend, Melissa, was so creative with her mailing. She used an old paper towel holder and closed up the ends with some fun cupcake liners. (I’m not gonna lie. I mostly joined into the Pay It Forward experience because I knew it would be fun to send the notes and gifts, but I knew that Melissa was super creative, so I figured her gift would be fun. She’s also talented; seriously, I stalk her Facebook to see her photography because it’s so good, and I know she’s a rockstar at graphic design too.)

And, her gift is fun! Again, I’m not a photography superstar, so my pictures don’t do this justice, but look at this fun calendar hanging on my fridge now.


It’s so cool that I debated about whether to hang it there or at work, but I decided I wanted to glance at it often while cooking. However, I did try to hang it out of the splash zone. Here’s a close-up that I attempted to take from an artsy angle. It shows some more detail that constitutes the coolness of the calendar.


And, the note was a blast too. Melissa didn’t know about my new year’s blogging goal of trying a new thing a week, but her note talked about the idea of trying new things being her inspiration for the year. Isn’t that cool? And, the bonus is that we’re going to make plans for lunch. We haven’t seen each other since grad school, but she lives close enough for us to make lunch happen.

Did I mention that handwritten notes are a communication art form that should not be lost?